Maine gubernatorial election, 1848

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Maine gubernatorial election, 1848
← 1847 1848 1849 →
Nominee John W. Dana Elijah Hamlin Samuel Fessenden
Party Democratic Whig Liberty
Popular vote 38,720 29,738 11,484
Percentage 48.10 36.94 12.87

Governor before election

John W. Dana

Elected Governor

John W. Dana

The Maine gubernatorial election, 1848, was an election held in 1848 in the state of Maine to decide Maine's next governor.

John W. Dana was the incumbent Democrat, and won the election. The challenger was Elijah Hamlin, of the Whig party who was the brother of future Vice President of the United States under Abraham Lincoln, Hannibal Hamlin.


1848 Gubernatorial Election, Maine[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic John W. Dana 38,720 48.10% -
Whig Elijah Hamlin 29,738 36.94% -
Liberty Samuel Fessenden 11,484 14.27% -