1960 Maine gubernatorial election

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Maine gubernatorial special election, 1960

← 1958 November 8, 1960 1962 →
  JohnReed-Maine.jpg Frank M. Coffin (Maine Congressman).jpg
Nominee John H. Reed Frank M. Coffin
Party Republican Democratic
Popular vote 219,768 197,447
Percentage 52.67% 47.33%

1960MaineGubernatorial copy.png
County results
  Counties won by Coffin
  Counties won by Reed

Governor before election

John H. Reed

Elected Governor

John H. Reed

The 1960 Maine gubernatorial special election was a special election held to officially elect a governor following the death of Governor Clinton Clauson. It took place on November 8, 1960 with Republican Governor John Reed (who, as Maine Senate President, automatically took office upon Clauson's death) defeating Democrat Frank M. Coffin.

The election was also the first time since Maine was admitted to the Union that the state did not hold its election in September. Traditionally, Maine had held its elections two months before the rest of the nation, which had help give birth to the phrase "As Maine goes, so goes the nation" and its status as a bellwether state. However, following a 1957 referendum, the state constitution was amended to hold all elections after 1958 in November and shift from two-year to four-year terms.


1960 Gubernatorial Special Election, Maine[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican John H. Reed 219,768 52.67% -
Democratic Frank M. Coffin 197,447 47.33% -
Majority 22,321 5.35%


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