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Mainflingen is a small settlement of about 3800 inhabitants, a constituent community of the municipality Mainhausen (near Frankfurt am Main) in Hesse, Germany.

It is rather well known for being the site of the DCF77 radio station, which broadcasts the official standard time as given by the atomic clocks of the PTB Braunschweig. The facility used for transmitting the signal of DCF77 is also used for transmitting of some other utility signals in the longwave range.

A second facility, called "Mainflingen C" is used for transmitting the programme of the "Evangeliumsrundfunk" (until January 1, 1995 the programme of "Deutschlandfunk") on the medium wave frequency 1539 kHz.

Coordinates: 50°02′N 9°02′E / 50.033°N 9.033°E / 50.033; 9.033