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Mainland (known in French as La Grand'Terre) is a community in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, located on the western shore of the Port au Port Peninsula approximately 50 kilometers from the Stephenville International Airport. Mainland is a coastal community, bordered by both the ocean and forest. The main industry in the community has traditionally been fishing, but currently (2016) a large portion of the inhabitants leave the community seasonally to earn income.

The community is home to one of five Francophone schools in the province, Centre Scolaire et Communautaire Ste-Anne, which serves students from Kindergarten to grade 12. The school is adjoined by L'Association Régionale de la Côte Ouest (ARCO) and L'Héritage de L'Île Rouge.

The Community boasts a robust French heritage, and a large percentile of the community is French speaking.

The predominant religion practiced is Roman Catholic. The Chapel (Chapel of St. Ann) is part of the Diocese of Corner Brook and Labrador.

There is a small Island clearly visible from the town, named L'Île Rouge (Red Island). Local folklore is that it was given the name, as it appears to glow red during sunset at a certain point in the year. The Island is uninhabited and with the exception of birds, holds no wildlife.

The nearest towns are Three Rock Cove and Cape St. George. The nearest large shopping center is Stephenville. The nearest hospital is also located in Stpehenville.

Mainland has the status of designated place in Canadian census data. In the Canada 2006 Census, the community had a population of 311.[1]

The community is historically notable as one of the island's centres of Franco-Newfoundlander settlement and culture.[2] In 2009, CJRM-FM, a francophone community radio station from Labrador City, applied to add a rebroadcaster in the community.[3]


Coordinates: 48°33′52″N 59°10′52″W / 48.56444°N 59.18111°W / 48.56444; -59.18111