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This article is about the radio format. For the Billboard chart, see Mainstream Rock (chart).

Mainstream rock is an umbrella term describing commercially successful rock music. In some parts of the world it is also used as a radio format.

Radio format[edit]

Mainstream rock stations play commercially successful classic rock or modern rock focusing on the 1970s through to present day.

Mainstream rock is a successor to the widespread album-oriented rock (AOR) format created in the 1970s. However, mainstream rock can be used as a modern lean of classic rock if the playlist has to cut back some active rock artists and songs due to ratings and popularity issues. To this day there are a select few that adapt more newer songs while keeping the classics involved, while some may consist of playing all 30 years worth of classics others might adopt the 1960s and make it blended in.

As of 2013, some examples of mainstream rock stations in terrestrial radio include: KSHE/St. Louis, MO, KCLB/Palm Springs, CA, KEGL/Dallas, TX, KRXQ/Sacramento, CA, KISS/San Antonio, TX, KDKB/Phoenix, AZ, KBER/Salt Lake City, UT, WDVE/Pittsburgh, PA, WHQG/Milwaukee, WI, WFYV-FM/Jacksonville, FL, CJAY/Calgary, Alberta, KZRR/Albuquerque, NM, KEZO/Omaha, NE, WHJY/Providence, RI, KICT/Wichita, KS, KMOD/ Tulsa, OK, KTUX/Shreveport, LA, KZEL/Eugene, OR, WIYY/Baltimore, MD, and CHOM-FM/Montreal, QC. Most have a very long heritage that dates back to the 1970s as AOR stations, which is why several trades like Billboard and R&R will refer these stations as "Heritage Rock".

Outside of the United States and Canada, mainstream rock refers generally to rock music deemed 'radio friendly'. It very rarely is referred to as a specific radio format.

See also[edit]

  • Active rock - like mainstream rock, but plays a very popular demand of new and recent Hard Rock and Heavy Metal artists but can also adopt some Alternative Rock songs as well
  • Classic rock - contributes to classic songs from the age of rock that started
  • Alternative rock - contributes to new alternative rock format, but primarily based on Indie, Emo-Alternative, Post-Hardcore/Screamo and punk