Maira Valley

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Maira Valley
Val Maira, Valle Macra
Alta Val Maira.jpg
The highest part of the valley
Vallemairaposizione it.png
Location of the valley in Piedmont, NW Italy
Floor elevation500–3,412 m (1,640–11,194 ft)
Lengtharound 45 km (28 mi) west east
TypeRiver valley
LocationPiedmont, Italy
Coordinates44°30′07″N 7°08′16″E / 44.50194°N 7.13778°E / 44.50194; 7.13778Coordinates: 44°30′07″N 7°08′16″E / 44.50194°N 7.13778°E / 44.50194; 7.13778

Maira Valley (in Italian Val Maira or Valle Macra) is a valley in south-west of Piedmont in the Province of Cuneo, Italy.


The valley takes its name from the river Maira, a right-hand tributary of the Po which flows through the valley.


The municipalities of the valley are Busca, Villar San Costanzo, Dronero, Roccabruna, Cartignano, San Damiano Macra, Macra, Celle di Macra, Stroppo, Elva, Canosio, Marmora, Prazzo and Acceglio.[1]

Notable summits[edit]

Among the notable summits which surround the valley (all of them belonging to the Cottian Alps) there are:

  • Monte Oronaye - 3100 m
  • Buc de Nubiera - 3215 m
  • Brec de Chambeyron - 3412 m
  • Tête de la Frema - 3143 m
  • Monte Chersogno - 3026 m
  • Pelvo d'Elva - 3064 m
  • Rocca la Marchisa - 3072 m
  • Monte Maniglia - 3177 m
  • Rocca la Meja - 2831 m
  • Punta Tempesta - 2679 m
  • Monte Birrone - 2131 m

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Notes and references[edit]

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