Maison Radio-Canada

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Maison Radio-Canada
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General information
Status Complete
Type Office
Address 1400 René-Lévesque Boulevard East
Town or city Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Construction started 1971
Completed 1973
Height 105 metres (344 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 24
Design and construction
Architecture firm Tore Björnstad

Coordinates: 45°31′05″N 73°33′04″W / 45.517981°N 73.551021°W / 45.517981; -73.551021

View from the east, with loading bays, ground-level structures and parking area visible.

Maison Radio-Canada (sometimes Maison de Radio-Canada) is a skyscraper in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, constructed in 1973 as a home for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's operations in Montreal.

Maison Radio-Canada (English: Canada Broadcasting House) is the broadcast headquarters for Radio-Canada, the French-language arm of the CBC. It also serves as the master control point for Radio-Canada's radio and television networks, including Ici Radio-Canada Première, Espace musique, Ici Radio-Canada Télé and Réseau de l'Information (RDI). It is also the main studio for television stations CBMT-DT and CBFT-DT and radio stations CBME-FM, CBM-FM, CBF-FM and CBFX-FM.

Maison Radio-Canada is once again the home of Radio Canada International, which had been in a building down the street. The street address of Maison Radio-Canada is 1400 René Lévesque Boulevard East, fittingly named for former premier René Lévesque, who was once a reporter and commentator for the CBC. The building is situated just a couple of blocks away from the studios of CTV Montreal (CFCF-DT), RDS, RDS Info, MétéoMédia, LCN, and CFTM-DT (TVA Montreal) situated at the intersection of Papineau Avenue.

The analogous facility for CBC's English language networks is the Canadian Broadcasting Centre in Toronto. CBC's corporate headquarters are in Ottawa in the CBC Ottawa Broadcast Centre.


The building is accessible within walking distance east of Beaudry Station of the Montreal Metro.

For the building itself the be built, most of the Faubourg à m'lasse working class neighborhood had to be demolished. On october 1st 1963, the last house was evacuated so the demolition project could go ahea[1]


As of November 2008, consultations are underway to redevelop the area around Maison Radio-Canada facilities.[2]

The new plans for the eastern part of the present site includes 2000 housing units, offices, commercial space, and public spaces. To be all housed and located at 1450 René Lévesque Boulevard East, which will be covering a space of about three city blocks. Furthermore, the new development would re-link the street grid through the site, following the razing of a working class Sainte-Marie, Montreal neighborhood popularly known as Faubourg à m'lasse in the 1960s to make way for the Radio-Canada complex.[3]

As of May 2015, the project was halted. [4]


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