Maison de la photographie Robert Doisneau

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Maison de la photographie Robert Doisneau is dedicated to humanist photography.

The Maison de la photographie Robert Doisneau (Robert Doisneau house of photography) is a photography gallery in Gentilly, Paris, created to commemorate the Parisian photographer Robert Doisneau and dedicated to exhibiting humanist photography.

Robert Doisneau[edit]

Doisneau (1912–1994) was born in Gentilly, and in April 1992 consented to the use of his name for a photographic gallery there. The gallery opened in 1997 with a wide-ranging exhibition of the history of photography.[1]

Among the photographers to have been awarded one-man shows at Maison Robert Doisneau are Graciela Iturbide (2006),[2] Hervé Gloaguen (2006),[3] Izis (on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the gallery's founding, 2007),[4] Nikos Economopoulos (2009–10).[5] and Émile Savitry (2012/13).

From January 2006, the gallery has belonged to the intercommunality of Val de Bièvre.[1]

The address of the gallery is 1, rue de la Division du Général Leclerc, 94250 Gentilly.


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