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Maite Delgado
Born Maite Coromoto Delgado González
(1966-09-20) September 20, 1966 (age 50)
Valle de Guanape, Venezuela
Occupation Hostess and Model

Maite Coromoto Delgado de Mora (born September 20, 1966) is a Venezuelan TV show host and former beauty queen.

Delgado is the most recognized TV presenter in the Hispanic world. 25 years of TV work with high commintment and quality, made her a beloved personality. She has been followed day by day, coast to coast on the U.S., in Central America and South America.

She was born on September 20 in Caracas, Venezuela. After finishing elementary school she did studies on commercial locution.

On 1986 she started as a pageant in the Miss Venezuela contest. As her 2nd. runner up, on the same year, she participate and won for Venezuela the title and crown of Miss Tourism International held in Santo Domingo. Her debut as a co-host of the morning show "Complicidades" in Venevisión, was the beginning of an uninterrupted career with a lot of successful appearances into families TV shows as "Circo Cómplice" and "País de Caramelo". She was although involved in benefit telethons such as "Unidos contra el Cáncer"; "La Sonrisa de un niño sano" (Hospital Ortopédico infantil) and "Teleradio Pabellón”. She received many recognitions on her work, becoming a unique Venezuelan's sweetheart.

Meanwhile, her incursion on comedies sitcoms as "¡Qué Chicas!" gave her many opportunities to show also her talent on acting. She made her first international appearance, presenting "Señorita México 1988" in Veracruz, Mexico; continuing with "Miss Hispanidad 1991" in Miami; "Festival Internacional de Viña del Mar 1996" in Chile; and "Carnaval de la Calle 8" in Miami.

In 1992 she presents during 4 years "Giros TV", a morning show with great acceptance in audience.

On October 22, 1994 she married professional tennis player Alfonso Mora. She is the sister-in-law of American television news anchor Antonio Mora.

In 1997 she began the talk show “Maite”, making daily broadcasts from coast to coast in the U.S., Central America and South America. In “Maite” she had the experience to communicate in a fine and unique way a powerful personality with the public. Many Hispanics stars from all over the world were interviewed with her original style and charisma (Juan Gabriel, Thalía, Ricky Martin, Shakira, Chayanne, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Elvis Crespo, Ricardo Montaner) She had her first son.

Between 1997 and 2010 she was the official presenter of the Miss Venezuela Contest, an international broadcast show, where Maite make a demonstration of professionalism, style and glamour.

On 1999 she was the image of "Crest" for United States.

On December 8, 2000, E-Entertainment Television named her the "Celebrity of the year”. A distinction received in the past by other artists as Ricky Martin and Mexican singer Thalía. Also in 2000 she gave birth to her second son.

On 2002 presents "Por la Puerta Grande", an interview program with personalities, broadcast by Univision all over the U.S.

Also on 2002 she presents "Qué dice la Gente" ("People Are Saying"), the local version of Family Feud. She was the first TV female host to conduct that successful show. Since her first appearances, she made high numbers on rating winning the love of the Venezuelan audience.

On 2003 participated as a guest presenter on the Latin morning show "Despierta America" (Univision)

On June 2003, obtains The INTE award as the best Hispanic TV female presenter.

On February 2004, 2005 and 2006, she was elected by the users of Univision.Com as one of the best 5 dressed women on "Premios Lo Nuestro" awards.

On 2005 stars a new TV contest show based in the knowledge of Venezuelan culture: "Todo por Venezuela". At the same time, she made the show "Te llegó la Suerte" for Telefutura, a cable channel for Latin America.

On 2007, in a national publicity survey, she was chosen by the public as the woman with the best credibility in Venezuela. Her image is associated with some of the most important brands in Venezuela: Plumrose, Mitsubishi, Multinacional de Seguros, Teragrip and Cetaphil.

In August 2010 won "QUETZAL Award" on Mexico as Venezuelan TV female presenter of the year.

UNICEF has made her ambassador because of her charity activities.

On 2009 at Las Vegas, Maite conducts the special Latin Grammy event “Celebrando a Juan Gabriel" honoring the lifetime achievement of the Mexican legend.

On 2010, debuts in the radio at Union Radio, doing special shorts with messages of social conscience and better citizen conduct, making an early and great feedback in the public.

On August 2010, the Sunday magazine Estampas elects her as the editor for the 75th anniversary edition obtaining and exclusive interview with Juan Gabriel in Cancun.

On 2011, resigned her contract with Venevision after 25 years, looking forward her professional evolution. The news cause a big public impact and her Twitter account became in a few hours a world trending topic.

On 2013 she returned to Venevision.

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