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Maitri Station
Antarctic station
An ariel view of the Indian Station Maitri, Antarctica on 2 February 2005
An ariel view of the Indian Station Maitri, Antarctica on 2 February 2005
Location of Maitri Station in Antarctica
Location of Maitri Station in Antarctica
Maitri Station
Location of Maitri Station in Antarctica
Coordinates: 70°46′00″S 11°43′53″E / 70.766632°S 11.731516°E / -70.766632; 11.731516Coordinates: 70°46′00″S 11°43′53″E / 70.766632°S 11.731516°E / -70.766632; 11.731516
Country  India
Location in Antarctica Queen Maud Land
Administered by Indian Antarctic Program
Established January 1989 (1989-01)
Elevation 130 m (430 ft)
 • Total
  • Up to 65
Type All-year round
Period Annual
Status Operational

Maitri is India's second permanent research station in Antarctica as part of the Indian Antarctic Programme. The name was suggested by the then PM Mrs Indira Gandhi who was assassinated a month before the expedition left the shores of India on 03 Dec 1984. Work on the station was first started by the Indian Expedition which landed there in end Dec 1984, the team was led by DR BB Bhattacharya. Sqn Ldr DP Joshi, the surgeon of the team, was the first camp commander of the tentage at camp Maitri. The first huts were started by the IV Antarctica Expedition and completed in 1989, shortly before the first station Dakshin Gangotri was buried in ice and abandoned in 1990–91.[1] Maitri is situated on the rocky mountainous region called Schirmacher Oasis. It is only 5 km away from Russian Novolazarevskaya Station.


An ariel view of the Indian Station Maitri, Antarctica on 2 February 2005

The station has modern facilities to carry out research in various disciplines, such as biology, earth sciences, glaciology, atmospheric sciences, meteorology, cold region engineering, communication, human physiology and medicine. It has a capacity to accommodate 25 people for winter. Fresh water is provided through a fresh water lake named Lake Priyadarshini, in front of Maitri.

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ALCI Airbase
Novo Runway
Airport type Private
Operator Antarctic Logistics Centre International (ALCI)
Serves Novolazarevskaya and Maitri
Location Dronning Maud Land
Opened April 6, 2014 (2014-04-06)
Time zone (UTC+3.30)
Coordinates 70°49′17″S 11°38′36″E / 70.821517°S 11.643345°E / -70.821517; 11.643345
ALCI AirbaseNovo Runway is located in Antarctica
ALCI AirbaseNovo Runway
ALCI Airbase
Novo Runway
Location of airfield in Antarctica
Direction Length Surface
ft m
9,842 3,000 Blue Ice

A blue ice runway, located 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) away, operated by Antarctic Logistics Centre International (ALCI) serves the station and Novolazarevskaya.


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