Maitri (musician)

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2014 WGT 20 Christian Death.jpg
Maitri at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in 2014
Background information
Born Rotterdam, Netherlands
Genres Gothic rock, Black metal
Instruments Bass
Associated acts Christian Death, Lover of Sin

Maitri is a musician from Rotterdam, Netherlands.


Maitri is best known as the bassist, song writer, and female vocalist of the gothic rock band Christian Death.[1][2] She joined the band in 1991, taking to the stage for her first performance at the Contemporary Festival, held at the Anfitheatro delle Cascine in Florence, Italy, on 12 July 1991. Maitri made her studio debut on the compilation album Jesus Points the Bone at You, performing on the new version of the track "The Nascent Virion", recorded especially for that collection.[3] Maitri is also the lead vocalist and song writer of the black metal band Lover of Sin.[4]


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