Maja Grykat e Hapëta

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Maja Grykat e Hapëta is a mountain located in northern Albania in the Bjeshkët e Namuna. It is found to the southeast of Maja Jezercë, south of the upper Valbonë valley. It is one of the highest mountains in the mountain range at 2,625 m (8,612 ft) high. In fact, it is the third highest after Maja Jezercë at 2,694 m (8,839 ft) in Albania and Đeravica at 2,656 m (8,714 ft) in Kosovo. Like many of the other mountains surrounding it, Maja Grykat e Hapëta has a stony texture near its summit. Maja Grykat e Hapëta belongs to the group of peaks called Majet e Zabores where there are 10 peaks that are higher than 2,400 m (7,874 ft).


Coordinates: 42°24′31″N 19°54′17″E / 42.4087°N 19.9046°E / 42.4087; 19.9046