Majalah Tiga

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Majalah Tiga
Country of origin  Malaysia
Original language(s) Malay (with English subtitles)
Running time 60 minutes with commercials
Production company(s) Primeworks Studios (since August 2008)
Original network TV3
Picture format 4:3 or 16:9 letterboxed 576i
Original release 1985

Majalah Tiga (also known as Majalah 3) (English: Three Magazine) is a popular Malaysian documentary that is broadcast on TV3. It airs every Monday at 9:00 pm since 2013 (previously on Saturday since the late 1990s) with repeats of recent episodes shown occasionally. The programme became fully narration-based since 2012 with some of the episodes concentrate only on one report while some episodes have two or three reports in one episode. It was previously presented by Wan Zaleha Radzi in late 1980s and the 1990s, Norzie Pak Wan Chek in the 2000s and in the early 2010s by Nurul Syuhada Ain.

Majalah Tiga started in 1985 as a 30-minute documentary programme produced by TV3's then-newly established news department under the title Majalah 3 Berita and later as a one-hour duration programme in 1987 using the segment format. It is the first documentary programme produced by TV3, the first commercial TV station in the country. It garners about three million viewers annually. Some of the topics that are discussed in Majalah Tiga include the environment, science and technology, biology as well as humanitarian issues.

In the 2000s, Majalah Tiga focused on issues regarding the plight of people in countries that were hit by war or natural disasters. For example, their report on the Palestinian refugee situation in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. Other countries that have been highlighted by the show are China, Thailand, Pakistan, Sudan and more. This show was once related to Bersamamu; a reality based television program which started in 2005 that highlights the hardship of the hard-core poor, terminally ill and severely disabled as a means to help them.