Majalengka Regency

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Majalengka Regency
Motto: Sindang Kasih Sugih Mukti
Majalengka Regency is located in Indonesia
Majalengka Regency
Majalengka Regency
Location of Majalengka Regency in Indonesia
Coordinates: 6°50′S 108°10′E / 6.833°S 108.167°E / -6.833; 108.167Coordinates: 6°50′S 108°10′E / 6.833°S 108.167°E / -6.833; 108.167
Country Indonesia
Province West Java
 • Regent H. SUTRISNO,SE.MSi
 • Total 1,204.24 km2 (464.96 sq mi)
Population (2010)
 • Total 1,166,473
 • Density 970/km2 (2,500/sq mi)
Time zone WIB (UTC+7)
Area code(s) 0233
Majalengka Regency in West Java.

Majalengka Regency is one of 16 regencies (kabupaten) in West Java, Indonesia. The capital is Majalengka.

As of 2006, this regency consists of the 23 districts (kecamatan), all of which make up a total of 13 urban villages (kelurahan) and 318 rural villages (desa). The list of these districts is as follows:

  • Kecamatan Argapura
  • Kecamatan Banjaran
  • Kecamatan Bantarujeg
  • Kecamatan Cigasong
  • Kecamatan Cikijing
  • Kecamatan Cingambul
  • Kecamatan Dawuan
  • Kecamatan Jatitujuh
  • Kecamatan Jatiwangi
  • Kecamatan Kadipaten
  • Kecamatan Kertajati
  • Kecamatan Lemahsugih
  • Kecamatan Leuwimunding
  • Kecamatan Ligung
  • Kecamatan Maja
  • Kecamatan Majalengka
  • Kecamatan Palasah
  • Kecamatan Panyingkiran
  • Kecamatan Rajagaluh
  • Kecamatan Sindangwangi
  • Kecamatan Sukahaji
  • Kecamatan Sumberjaya
  • Kecamatan Talaga

The incumbent regency officer (Bupati) of this regency is Hj. Tutty Hayati Anwar SH. MSi.

Kertajati International Airport[edit]

The airport will be built in 2012 with a 3,000 meter runway for phase-1. It is predicted that it will be finished by 2015. The airport area is 1,800 hectares; it can accommodate a double runway of up to 4,000 meters.[1]

Mount Panten[edit]

In March 2012, 2 foreign national champion paragliders have surveyed Mount Panten. Landing area, wind velocity and mainly take off area are suitable for paragliding world championship. The take off area is very vast, possible to make take off for several paragliders in the same time and cannot be found in other countries.[2]


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