Majd Movement

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Glory Movement
حركة مجد
Leader Najib Mikati
Founder Najib Mikati
Founded 2004
Headquarters Lebanon Tripoli, Lebanon
Ideology Economic liberalism
Political position Centre to Centre-right
National affiliation March 8 Alliance
Parliament of Lebanon
2 / 128
Cabinet of Lebanon
0 / 24

The Glory Movement (Arabic: حركة مجد‎, translit. Ḥarakat Majd‎) has two seats in the Lebanese Parliament. Najib Mikati has been the party leader since 2004. Mikati was a former Lebanese Prime Minister for the period of April to July 2005.

Mikati is the incumbent Prime Minister since June 2011; he was previously designated for the role on 25 January after his nominated by the March 8 Alliance.