Majestic metro station

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Namma Metro station
Other names Kempegowda
Platforms Side and Island
Structure type At Grade and Underground
Depth 80 feet (24 m)
Opening 30 April 2016 (Purple Line)
Preceding station   Namma Metro   Following station
Purple Line
toward Mysore Road
toward Nagasandra
Green Line

Kempegowda Stn., Majestic is a Namma Metro station in Bangalore, India.[1] It is the largest metro station in India, and opened to the public on 30 April 2016. Majestic serves as the interchange station allowing passengers to transfer between the Purple Line and the Green Line.[2] The station is located about 500 meters away from the Kempegowda Bus Station.[3]


The contract to construct Majestic station was awarded to Coastal-GYT Joint Venture at a cost of 272 crore (US$42 million). Construction began in January 2012 and was expected to be completed in 2014, but faced delays due to the hardness of the rock to be excavated, and missed several deadlines.[4][5] The delays escalated the cost to 500 crore (US$77 million). The KSRTC provided the BMRCL with 20 acres of land for the construction of the station, slightly over half of which was returned to the KSRTC after construction completed. The BMRCL paid KSRTC 4.6 crore (US$710,000) annually during the construction period as rent for the land. During the construction period, KSRTC incurred a loss of 100 crore (US$15 million) as they had to shut down bus services in the area.[6]

The BMRCL employed 1,600 engineers and construction workers, and 640 workers for the finishing work, during the period of construction.[6] The underground portion of the station, and all other underground stations on the Purple Line, were built using the cut-and-cover method.[7] The BMRCL stated that it had used 300,000 cubic meters of sand and 100,000 cubic meters of cement in the construction of the station.[6][8]

The station opened to public on 30 April 2016, along with the rest of the Purple Line's underground section.


Majestic station is the largest metro station in India. It has three levels with a total surface area of 48,000 square metres (520,000 sq ft).[6] The station platform is 365 metres long for the Purple Line, and 300 metres long for the Green Line.[8] The station's platforms are designed to handle 20,000 commuters at any given time.[9] The upper level houses the ticket counters, the at-grade level is utilized by Purple Line trains, and the underground level is utilized by Green Line trains.[10] The station has 12 staircases, 24 escalators, 18 emergency exits and 8 toilets.[6][10][9][7]


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