Majestic (band)

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OriginMalmö, Sweden
GenresNeoclassical metal
Power metal
Years active1997–2001
LabelsMassacre Records
Associated actsSilver Seraph, Time Requiem
MembersApollo Papathanasio
Richard Andersson
Martin Wezowski
Magnus Nordh
Peter Wildoer
Past membersJonas Blum
Peter Espinoza
Joel Linder

Majestic, formerly known as Lab Rat, was a neo-classical power metal band, founded in 1997 by Peter Espinoza after he was asked to form a band. Richard Andersson was asked to join and they started to write music for the debut album. Tunes like Golden sea and Standing alone were meant to be on Peters second solo album but were rearranged for the sound and the keyboard and together the Majestic sound was born. Majestic made two albums : Abstract Symphony (1999) and Trinity Overture (2000), under the label Massacre Records. Peter left the band after the debut album for reunion and touring with Nasty Idols.


  • Abstract Symphony (1999)
    1. Golden Sea
    2. Losers Shades Of Hell
    3. Standing Alone
    4. Silence
    5. Crimson Sun
    6. Ceasefire
    7. Black Moon Rising
    8. Blood Of The Tail
    9. Shadows From Beyond
    10. Nitro Pitbull
    11. Seekers Battlefield
    12. Abstract Symphony (bonus
  • Trinity Overture (2000)
    1. Entering The Arena
    2. Voodoo Treasure
    3. The Rapture Of Canaan
    4. I’ll Shoot The Moon
    5. Resurrection
    6. Curtain Of Fire
    7. The Breath Of Horus
    8. Approaching The Storm
    9. Confusicus
    10. Trinity Overture

Last line-up[1][edit]

  • Apollo Papathanasio (Vocals)
  • Richard Andersson (Keyboards)
  • Dick Lövgren (Bass)
  • Magnus Nordh (Guitars)
  • Peter Wildoer (Drums)

Former members[edit]

  • Peter Espinoza (Guitars) (1997–1999)
  • Jonas Blum (Vocals) (1997–1999)
  • Joel Linder (Drums) (1997–1999)
  • Martin Wezowski (Bass) (1997-1999)


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