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Majesty Cruise Line is a Norwegian cruise line probably known for owning the Norwegian Majesty from 1992 to 1997. Majesty Cruise Line was a more upmarket brand created by Dolphin Cruise Line in 1993. Their first ship, the Royal Majesty, was originally ordered by Birka Line for their 24-hour cruises out of Stockholm.[1] Following the bankruptcy of builders Wärtsilä, the contract was resold to Majesty Cruise Line and the vessel was completed as Caribbean cruise ship Royal Majesty in 1992. She initially worked three- and four-night cruises out of Florida, but in 1995 opened a new summer Boston-Bermuda route, terminating at St George's rather than the usual Hamilton in Bermuda. Royal Majesty returned to Florida in the winter. In June 1995 she ran aground on Rose and Crown shoal of Nantucket Island, due to a combination of faulty GPS and inadequate watch being maintained. Royal Majesty was 17 miles off course. She remained aground for 24 hours before tugs towed her off. In 1997, a second ship was added to the fleet, the Crown Majesty (previously Crown Dynasty). For the 1997 season, she operated cruises which had already been arranged for Crown Dynasty, but at the end of that season both ships passed to Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). Royal Majesty was sold to NCL, being renamed Norwegian Majesty, and soon received a similar lengthening to Norwegian Wind/Dream. Crown Majesty which had been chartered from Effjohn International, had her charter transferred to NCL.


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