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Majesty Yachts is a brand of superyachts and yachts manufactured by Gulf Craft, a global manufacturer of luxury yachts and fiberglass boats. Majesty Yachts is one of four international brands - namely Silvercraft, Oryx, Majesty Yachts and Gulf Collection - that make up the Gulf Craft range of yachts and boats. All Majesty Yachts are manufactured by Gulf Craft in the United Arab Emirates.


Majesty Yachts as a brand was launched in 2004.[1] It has since served as a flagship brand for Gulf Craft, with a presence in major yachting markets [2] such as Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas.


Majesty Yachts is represented by a network of international dealers in diversified markets across the Middle East, Asia, Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. The brand currently offers a range of yachts and superyachts from 48 ft to 155 ft.[3]

  • Yacht Collection: Majesty 48, Majesty 56, Majesty 63, Majesty 70, Majesty 77 and Majesty 88 under the Yacht Collection
  • Superyacht Collection: Majesty 101, Majesty 105, Majesty 125 and Majesty 135

In addition, Gulf Craft has announced that it is currently building one of the largest superyachts to ever be wholly constructed in the Middle East, the Majesty 155. It is expected to be completed in 2015.[4]


Its boats and yachts are regularly exhibited at international boat and yacht shows including the Monaco Yacht Show,[5] the Cannes Yachting Festival,[6] boot Düsseldorf,[7] the Dubai International Boat Show,[8] Singapore Yacht Show,[9] the Phuket International Boat Show,[10] Shanghai International Boat Show,[11] the Hainan Rendez-Vous,[12] Xiamen International Boat Show,[13] Eurasia Boat Show,[14] Sydney Superyacht Show,[15] Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show [16] and the Indonesia Yacht Show.[17]

From October 27–29, 2011 Gulf Craft hosted the Yachting Lifestyle Show at The Pearl, Qatar, in association with the company’s Doha agents, Aurora Yachts and Speed Marine, as well as luxury lifestyle brand Tanagra. A number of Majesty Yacht models were showcased at the event including the Majesty 56, Majesty 77, and the Majesty 101.[18] Gulf Craft returned to Doha from March 28 to 30, 2013 with its second display of yachts and superyachts for the Qatari market at the Majesty Yachts Exclusive Preview event held at The Pearl, Qatar. The event witnessed the Qatari premiere of Majesty 125 and a new Majesty 105.[19] Gulf Craft staged another preview of its fleet in Doha, Qatar from March 19–21, 2014 at The Pearl Qatar. The event saw the Qatari premiere of the Majesty 135, Majesty 48, Gulf 75 Exp and the Waveshuttle 56, in addition to a number of other models of Majesty Yachts and 2014 models of the Oryx sport yachts and cruisers and Silvercraft fishing boats and family cruisers.[20] Gulf Craft hosted the very first leisure marine show in Oman at Almouj Marina at The Wave, Muscat from May 1–3, 2014. Participating yachts included the Majesty 135, the Majesty 105 and 2014 models of the Oryx sport cruisers and Silvercraft leisure boat range.[21]

On October 26, 2013 the company hosted an event aboard its Majesty 135 at the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club. As part of the event, Gulf Craft demonstrated its support for Dubai’s 2020 World Expo bid by flying the Expo 2020 flag aboard the new yacht.[22]

Majesty Yachts - set locations[edit]

On July 5, 2011 a Majesty 125 named GRENADINES III was chosen as the location for the shooting of the video of the single “Name of Love” by Jean Roch, from his album “Music Saved My Life”.[23] The video also featured Pitbull & Nayer.

On September 4, 2013 the crew of Dubai One filmed an episode for the 8th season of its “Out and About” show on board a Majesty 88.[24] The shoot took place at Dubai International Marine Club, in the United Arab Emirates.

The Majesty 105 was used as a location for a luxury fashion shoot for Dubai Deluxe Autumn 2013 edition.[25]


  • Majesty 135 – Winner of the 2013 Asia Boating Awards for Best Asia Built Yacht [26]
  • Majesty 88 – Winner of the 2012 China Yachting Award for Luxury Vessels over 80 ft [27]
  • Majesty 125 – Winner of the Arabian Gulf Yachting Award 2010 for Motor Yacht of the Year [28]
  • Majesty 121 – Winner of the Arabian Gulf Yachting Award 2008 for Best Motor Yacht in the Middle East over 100 ft


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