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Majgull Axelsson at the Book & Library Fair, 2008

Majgull Axelsson (born 1947 in Landskrona) is a Swedish journalist and writer.

She grew up in Nässjö and had education in journalism.

Life and career[edit]

Her first book was non-fiction, and focused on the problems of child prostitution and street children in third world, and poverty in Sweden. April witch is her second novel, and one that was well received in Sweden. With over 400,000 copies sold in hardcover,[1] it landed on several bestseller lists for months and received important Swedish literature awards including the Moa Martinsson Prize and Jörgen Eriksson's Prize. It addresses themes of mother-daughter relationships, competition between women, and the failures of Sweden's postwar welfare state.[2][3]

Axelsson lives with her husband on Lidingö.

Majgull Axelsson, Swedish author



  • 1986 – Our Smallest Brothers (Våra minsta bröder)
  • 1989 – Rosario Is Dead (Rosario är död)
  • 1991 – They Kill Us (De dödar oss)
  • 1996 – And Those Who Don't Have (...och dom som inte har)


  • 1994 – Far away from Nifelheim (Långt borta från Nifelheim)
  • 1997 – April Witch (Aprilhäxan)
  • 2000 – Random House (Slumpvandring)
  • 2004 – The Woman I Never Was (Den jag aldrig var)
  • 2008 – Ice and Water, Water and Ice (Is och vatten, vatten och is)
  • 2011 – Moderspassion ("Mother's Passion")
  • 2014 – Jag heter inte Miriam ("My Name Is Not Miriam")
  • 2017 – Ditt liv och mitt ("Your Life and Mine")


  • 2002 – LisaLouise

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