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Majic Window
FounderBart and Rod Rue
United States
Key people
Mort Crim
ServicesFiberglass windows, doors, flooring siding, insulation, gutters, bathtubs, decks

Majic Window is a home improvement company based in Wixom, Michigan, United States, that serves all of Michigan. Majic Window offers an array of different home improvements, from front door installation to siding replacement.[1] They are best known for their replacement fiberglass home windows; Majic Window is the world's largest distributor of fiberglass windows.[2][better source needed]


Bart and Rod Rue established Maijc Windows in 1997.[2] At the time Majic was not selling fiberglass windows, but that would soon change. In 2001, Majic introduced the state of Michigan to fiberglass windows[citation needed] and began to install them in homes. Two years later in 2003, Majic became the world's largest distributor of fiberglass windows.[citation needed] In 2005, retired anchorman Mort Crim was hired as Majic's spokesperson. In 2006, fiberglass composite producer Owens Corning chose Majic to represent them in Michigan.[citation needed] In 2007, Majic Window relocated to their current corporate headquarters in Wixom, Michigan. In 2014, Majic won Consumer Energy's E3 Energy Efficiency Award.[citation needed]


Majic's most popular product is their fiberglass framed window. Majic also offers entry door, flooring, siding, tub liner, walk-in tubs, and deck installation. Flooring includes hardwood, laminate, and carpet options.[3]

Fiberglass windows[edit]

Fiberglass windows are an alternative to the traditional wood and vinyl windows found on many homes. Fiberglass windows are typically more expensive than vinyl or wood windows, but they do have their benefits. According to the US Department of Energy, outperforms wood and uninsulated vinyl in terms of energy efficiency.[4] In general, fiberglass has been found to be more impact-resistant than any other replacement window material on the market. A case study conducted by the University of British Columbia found that fiberglass outlives vinyl and wood by as much as 38%.[5] Majic fiberglass windows are manufactured from pultruded fiberglass. They can be painted any color and come in a variety of different shapes and styles.

Fiberglass entry doors[edit]

Wood doors warp in the winter[6] and steel doors often lack charm and decorative appeal. Majic offers a solution to these problems by producing entry doors made out of the same fiberglass they make their windows with. Majic doors don't crack, warp, or rot, and they come in a variety of different design options.[7] However, fiberglass doors come with a higher price tag in comparison to other entry door products.

Walk-in tubs[edit]

Majic uses a safety-first approach for their tub design. Majic walk-in tubs come equipped with a slip-resistant tub floor, easy-grip handles, a slip-resistant contoured seat, and a retractable shower head.[8] Majic tubs are primarily designed for the elderly, but there are benefits for those of all ages. Because Majic tubs come with a built-in inline heater and hydrotherapy capabilities, using a Majic tub could promote healthier skin, increased blood flow, and a reduction in stress.[citation needed]

Tub liners[edit]

Majic tub liners are a quick and easy solution to bathroom upgrades.[citation needed] A bathroom makeover typically takes several days to complete. Majic liners install over the existing tub and wall system so the installation only takes a day. Installing tub lining can be a much more cost effective way to remodel a bathroom. Tub liners can be up to 40% less expensive than a full bathroom remodel. Because of the nature of tub liners, they don't fix problems, they simply cover them up. If you have existing moisture issues with your tub, then it's best just to invest in a complete remodel.[9]


The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that Michigan homes have an attic insulation R-value of R49 to R60 to be as energy-efficient as possible.[10] Many Michigan homes are insulated with rolls or batts which typically have R-values ranging from R13 to R21.[10] Majic blown-in fiberglass insulation helps homes become more energy efficient by further preventing heat from escaping through the attic. Majic blown-in insulation is produced with the same fiberglass resin all of Majic's other fiberglass products are made with.[11]


Majic offers three different flooring options: hardwood, laminate, and carpet flooring. Majic's hardwood is manufactured in the US and finished with Scotchgard Protector™ by 3M.[12] Majic laminate flooring offers the timeless hardwood look at a more affordable price point.[citation needed] Majic laminate flooring is installed with Silent GUARD underlayment from Mohawk.[13] Majic carpet is made with SmartStrand™ technology, a relatively new approach to carpet flooring invented and manufactured by DuPont. With SmartStrand technology, 700 silk-like fibers are packed into just one yarn.[14] This density allows the carpet to maintain its appearance and soft texture for several years.

Composite decking[edit]

Michigan weather can take a large toll on traditional wood decks.[citation needed] Majic installs composite decks to combat the effects of winter weather. With composite material, there's no worrying about warps, rots, or bends in the board.[15] Majic composite decks are produced with 95% recycled materials.[15]

Seamless siding[edit]

One of the biggest issues with home siding is its propensity for rotting and warping at the seams.[citation needed] Majic manufactures and installs seamless siding to prevent these common siding issues. Majic is the exclusive provider of vinyl seamless siding in Southeast Michigan.[16] With a classic wood-like appearance, Majic seamless siding is accepted in certain historical districts where traditional vinyl siding is not.[16]

Metal roofing[edit]

As of 2016 Majic has started installing metal roofing under the brand name Michigan Metal Roofing. Majic installs metal tiles, shakes, and shingle all produced by Decra. Metal is the perfect material for Michigan roofs, because metal reflects heat and repels snow.[17]


There are several home improvement and window installation companies within Michigan.[18] Majic's biggest competitors include Hansons, WeatherGard, Wallside Windows, and Andersen.[19]


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