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Publication information
Schedule weekly
Publication date February 1979

Majid (Arabic: ماجد‎‎) is a pan-Arab comic book anthology and children's magazine published in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates by the Abu Dhabi Media Company.

History and profile[edit]

Majid has been in circulation, and has been released on a weekly basis since 28 February 1979.[1]

Majid is widely read in most Arab states, and it had a weekly distribution of 175,000 as of 2005. Syria does not have Majid. One of the series in Majid is Kaslan Jiddan (كسلان جداً lit. Very Lazy), a story of a boy named Kaslan, who tries to act like an adult and finds himself in conflicts because of it.[2]


  • The lovely Mouza and her brother Rashoud (Arabic: موزة الحبوبة وشقيقها رشود‎‎): Arabic modified version of Nancy Ritz and her best friend Sluggo Smith in the American comic strip Nancy and Sluggo.


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