Majid Kalakani

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Majid Kalakani
مجید کلکانی
Died8 June 1980
OrganizationShalleh-ye Javiyd
Known forRevolutionary leader in Afghanistan

Abdul Majid Kalakani[1] (Persian: مجید کلکانی‎; 1939 – 8 June 1980) also known as Majid Agha[2] was an Afghan political revolutionary and poet.[3] He was the founder and leader of the maoist Liberation Organization of the People of Afghanistan (SAMA).


Majid Kalakani was born in 1939 in the village of Kalakan in Shomali Plain. In 1945 his father and grandfather were arrested and executed by the Mohammad Hashim Khan regime.[4] Kalakani was a Maoist activist in the 1960s[5] and a member of the movement Shalleh-ye Javiyd. In 1978 Kalakani founded SAMA.[6] He was a leader of the Maoist resistance against the PDPA regime and Soviet invasion.[7] In 1979 he founded the United National Front of Afghanistan.[8] On 27 February 1980 Majid Kalakani was arrested near Kabul[9] as the result of the 3 Hut uprising against Soviet occupation.[10] He was executed on June 8, 1980.


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  • Journal of the University of Baluchistan, 1981: Abd al-Majid Kalakani as the Symbol of National Resistance.

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