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Developed by RJ Nuevas
Written by
Directed by
Creative director(s) Jun Lana
Opening theme "Majika" by Kitchie Nadal
Composer(s) Kitchie Nadal
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Tagalog
No. of episodes 138
Executive producer(s)
  • Angie Castrence
  • Edlyn Tallada-Abuel
Producer(s) Wilma Galvante
Production location(s) Lemery, Batangas, Philippines
Cinematography Rhino Vidanes
Camera setup Multiple-camera setup
Running time 30-45 minutes
Production company(s) GMA Entertainment TV
Original network GMA Network
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Original release March 20 (2006-03-20) – September 29, 2006 (2006-09-29)

Majika (lit. Magic) is a 2006 Philippine television drama fantasy series broadcast by GMA Network. Directed by Mac Alejandre and Eric Quizon, it stars Angel Locsin and Dennis Trillo. It premiered on March 20, 2006 on the network's Telebabad line up and worldwide on March 23, 2006 on GMA Pinoy TV. The series concluded on September 29, 2006 with a total of 138 episodes. It was replaced by Atlantika in its timeslot.


Sabina who lived in the world of mortals but is unknowingly the one destined to become Saladin’s most powerful female Salamangka.

She is the eldest child of Garam and Ayessa, two Salamangkas who fled from Saladin to escape the wrath of Balkan, a powerful dark magician. Sabina’s happy life is shattered when her parents, along with her siblings Jimboy (Rainier Castillo) and Sara (Ryza Cenon), are abducted and brought to Saladin, leaving her alone in the world of mortals at a very young age. Sabina will eventually find her way to Saladin with the help of Eloida (Jean Garcia), a Salamangka who was punished and exiled to the mortal world, which will be later revealed as her real mother, and her lover Argo (Dennis Trillo) who will train Sabina into becoming a very powerful Salamangka. Argo becomes the hero who himself possesses extraordinary powers and helps Sabina achieve the full potential of her inherent powers. Together, Sabina and Argo will discover how the power of their love for each other can do wonders to the intricate world of Saladin.[1][2]

Cast and characters[edit]

Angel Locsin portrays Sabina.
Dennis Trillo portrays Argo.
Katrina Halili portrays Juno.

Lead characters[edit]

An ordinary girl who lived in the world of mortals but is unknowingly the one destined to become Saladin's most powerful female Salamangka; the (eldest) adopted child of Raphael and Ayesa, she is the true daughter of Eloida. She was given to Garam by Losyana, from which she received it from Tamara, and from which she found alone in the forest abandoned by Adana. Eloida taught her to use her powers and helped her go to Saladin. From an early age, she dreamed of going to Saladin to rescue her family. When she came on Saladin, she met the young Argo who became her friend. Then, she entered a contest disguised as a boy. Sabina was almost winning but because of jealousy, the young Juno reveals her secret making Sabina disqualified and imprisoned. Eloida helped her escaped but got separated. Years passed and she met Argo in the world of mortals'. Argo is in a mission of capturing Ayesa and her family. She became acquainted with Argo because of his familiarity and later on, meeting Eloida again. They traveled back to Saladin with the help of Cocoy. On her second time of arriving at Saladin, she heard of her mother's imprisonment. Determined of getting her mother, she entered a contest in which she became a servant in Arcapol. Seeing that Argo likes Sabina, Juno tricked her into entering the forbidden roo. As punishment, the Paters sent her to Gonraya where she met her mother. when she made progress there, Perula became enraged and set the slaves working on a mysterious cave. An accident happened which caused her to save her fellow. After the accident, Sabina found a medallion that got stuck on her palm. When Argo arrived at Gonraya to retrieve the Medallion, he can't get it unstuck so he brought Sabina back to Saladin. She rescued Saladin twice, faced various challenges until she became a Pati with the help of Argo and Telman. Eventually, she became in love with Argo. Her initial friendship with Juno was broken. The couple faced various obstacles because of Juno's interference in their relationship. When things were going well, Juno revealed Sabina's secret on the day of Argo's proposal to her. The people and the Paters were enraged. She fled with Argo but failed. She got stuck inside a mirror because of Juno. When she was freed, She met Markadan and trained under him. After a while, Sabina formed allies and got his family together except his father. One day, she heard of the information that she and Argo were siblings causing her heartache. She eventually meets Hamir. She thought Hamir was her true love until the truth was revealed that she is the lost child of Eloida from there she realized that Argo was the one she loves not Hamir. Then, upon knowing the truth, Eloida died and Juno became the new ruler of Saladin. Sabina and her companions continued to fight for peace. Argo and Sabina saved Saladin and became the new heroes of the magical land.
A Salamangka who will help Sabina achieve the full potential of her inherent powers. Son of King Arendo (brother of Princess Tamara) and Queen Almira of Abedeha. When Princesses Tamara and Alondia came to the Arcapol, Balkan asked who is the boy Alondia is with. Tamara says he is the son of King Arendo, brother of Tamara. Balkan wiped out his memories and led him out. The boy was given to Malko then to Losaya. Argo's father was the cause of Balkan's exile to Saladin. Argo was the future heir to the Abedehan throne, this being never come to fulfillment as he passed his rights to the throne to his cousin.
A Salamangka who will become Sabina's rival. Biological daughter of Adana, was once thought to be Eloida's missing offspring. As of Eloida's death, she is now the new ruler of Saladin. His father was later revealed to be Balkan, revealed by Adana. As of September 26, she created a phoenix that will sap the powers of everyone in Saladin so that she will be the most powerful Salamangka ever. "Killed" with Ebrio when she created a vortex to kill Sabina.

Sabina's family[edit]

Salamangkas who fled Saladin and lived peacefully in the mortal world but were later abducted and brought back to Saladin.

The (adoptive) mother of Sabina; the youngest daughter of Markadan. In the earlier episodes she and her husband were imprisoned in the Black Lake because of her relationship to Markadan. She was released when his son attempted to release her. Once lost her powers as a result of punishment by Balkan that was to be made of any known living relative of Markadan. Once she was powerless, she was thrown to the jewel mines, Gonraya, where from her tears sprouts a mysterious plant when the land is supposedly bare for plant nourishment, later on revealed to be a cure when one sees Perula's curse. She was imprisoned in a jewel mined from one of the caves of Gonray, very much like her father, and that jewel went into Adana's hands. Went back to her sanity when that jewel was smashed through Markadan's powers. Later rejoined with her daughters and son. During the war, she sneaked in on Arcapol and stole Malko's salamangkahoy. Later regained her powers. She would've been killed by Eloida for Garam's revivement (for he had turned into stone) had not her youngest daughter, Sara, defended her from behind. As of September 22, she now knows that Sabina is an adopted daughter, for her eldest (son) died at childbirth.
The father of Sabina; a former pupil of Markadan. Both Eloida and Ayessa's lover. Eloida was his first love but due to Markadan's disapproval he altered Garam's memories. Later on, he became Ayessa's lover and eloped with her. They lived in the mortal world and had a stable life with his family until they were captured one by one because of the Paters. In the earlier episodes he and his wife were imprisoned in the Black Lake because of his relationship to Ayessa and being a former pupil of Markadan. Both Jimboy and Sara made attempts to release both of their parents but only Ayessa made it out. In the later episodes he was released by Argo. When he came back to Saladin he was caught under a spell causing him to have feelings for Eloida again. Ayessa attempted to win Garam back but he chose Eloida over her and their children. Later on, Balkan turned him into a statue. Eloida asked for Pater Carab's help to turn him back to normal. The Pater suggested of putting a droplet of Eloida's blood on the statue. Garam turned back to normal excluding the feelings he had for Eloida resulting in her bewilderment and sadness. He left Arcapol to find his family. Sabina was given to him by Losyana.
Sabina's younger brother, studying under the guidance of Dibin and later of Aduro. Was changed into a dog by Ebrio. Later change back into a human by Juno, when she was going to exile the family to the mortal world. He was adopted by Orbal.
Sabina's younger sister. When she came to Saladin, Magil and Besay adopted her to keep her safe from the eyes of the Paters. She had feelings for her foster brother Telman which she tried to distinguish by accepting her suitor's love. Later on, knowing that her actions is failing her, she broke up with her lover and joined her family. She is the former best friend of Juno before Sabina came to Saladin. Her first attitude with Sabina was particularly harsh and cold. She became jealous of Juno's attention to Sabina when she started hanging out with her. Upon her discovery that her mother is imprisoned in Arcapol, she went with her brother Jimboy. They were bitterly dismissed by Ayessa. When she learned that Sabina was in Saladin, she didn't warmly accept her due to her resentment that started when she was young. Due to Jimboy's efforts, she gradually recognized Sabina as her sister. Accidentally killed by her aunt, Eloida.
A powerful Salamangka. He was the former Chief Pater of Saladin and Balkan's teacher. Because of Balkan's evil intentions, he was overthrown from the position and was imprisoned on the Black Lake. Balkan charged him of a false accusation that he and his family is conniving with the Black Salamangkas. After some years had passed, the crystal pyramid which is his prison was taken out of the Black Lake by Malko. Upon seeing her daughter Ayessa imprisoned in another crystal, he used his powers in freeing her. He helped Sabina achieve the full potential of her inherent powers. He is the grandfather of Sabina, Sara and Jimboy.. After the war, he again became the Chief Pater of Saladin.
The eldest daughter of Markadan. She is the former lover of Garam. When Garam left her she knew that she is carrying his child. She gave birth in secret with the help of Guryang. Guryang gave the newborn baby to Adana which she abandoned in the forest. After getting her rest from childbirth, she went to look for her child. Adana told her that the child was already dead when she gave birth to it. Overcame by grief, she left Saladin and went to the mortals' world. She settled by becoming a beggar and meeting young Sabina who recently lost his family. She took Sabina in and taught her the basics of Majika because of her persistence. When she came to Saladin with Sabina, she helped her disguise her as a boy so Sabina could participate in a contest. When their secret was revealed because of the young Juno, they escaped Saladin and went back to the mortals' world only to be separated. Later on, she lived a comfortable life. One day, she met Guryang in the front of a church. The two engaged in a conversation and from there, Eloida knew that her child is still alive. Then, She met the adult Sabina and went back to Saladin again. She is now determined to find her child. Finding Adana, she confronted her and demanded to tell her where her child is. Adana told Eloida that her child was Juno, which was a lie. Juno treated her coldly. She used Eloida to get what she wanted and getting her to follow her evil whims in exchange for her promised acceptance to Eloida. After knowing that Juno is not really her child, she was again fooled. This time, by Balkan. She is thought to be the biological mother of Argo, but Onessa later revealed this to be untrue. She became the new ruler of both Arcapol and Saladin after killing Balkan, but was herself killed by Juno soon after learning that Sabina was her true biological child, after all.


"Masters"; male elders who comprise Saladin’s governing council. Only later when Balkan showed his true colors did the council's elders include females.

Most powerful and chief of the Paters. Once a pupil of Markadan, he usurped not only Markadan's position (thru false accusations) but also Markadan's salamang-tungkod, and became Chief Pater. Later his true color was revealed and he took over Saladin, making it into a kingdom, with Balkan as King. As of September 6, he was killed by Eloida and her father's salamang-tungkod. His past is revealed in the September 25 episode, wherein Balkan also came from the ruined kingdom of Abedeha and he was exiled to Saladin by Argo's father, King Arendo. For his revenge, he wiped out the memories of Prince Argo, turned Princess Tamara into a horse, and had Abedeha razed to the ground.
The Pater of beasts and creatures. He disapproves of Sabina being a Pati. Together with Malko and Balkan, they sabotage Sabina's missions but they always fail because Sabina gets help from Argo or Eloida. Later joined Argo's kuta and taught Jimboy when Dibin died. He disappeared for a long time until he finally found Argo's kuta again. He helped the others win the war when they went to Arcapol. With Pater Markadan, they ruled Saladin in peace after the war.
  • Nanding Josef as Malko
A Pater who specializes in levitation. Connived once with the Black Salamangkas and became Ebrio's mentor. He took Markadan's crystal prison out of the Black Lake. He was killed by Balkan's salamang-tungkod when Balkan thought one of the four was a traitor. He gave to Losaya Argo when he went to Abedeha.
He was the only Pater to stay with Balkan after the others are gone. He helped Eloida discover the truth about her child. He was injured by Ebrio by a knife spell and his Salamankahoy was taken away from him. Jamir and his followers found him injured and he was taken to their place. Was the one who revealed both Jamir and Argo's pasts. Fate unknown after the war. It is presumed that with Pater Markadan and Pater Aduro, they ruled Saladin in peace after the war.
  • Gabe Mercado as Dibin
The Pater of magic potions. Best friend of Ayesa. He helped Ayessa and her children meet again. He kept Jimboy and Sarah's secret safe because he believed that Ayesa and her family is innocent. Carried the guilt of Malko's death when one of them was a traitor. Later killed, or rather, laid down his life as sacrifice (the strongest majika) to defeat, unsuccessfully, Balkan.


"Nymphs" (female spirits) whom the Paters invoke to do their bidding. (It is still unknown what happens to the Umbras when their masters die) but when their master is killed or punished by his co-pater the umbra will be transferred to the pater who killed or punished her original master.

One of the two Umbras of Balkan. Once a former umbra of Markadan, went back to her true panginoon (lord in Tagalog) after a decisive battle between Balkan and Markadan.
The other Umbra of Balkan. Became Eloida's Umbra when Balkan was killed. Became Juno's Umbra when Eloida was killed. Became Markadan's umbra when Juno was killed.
Umbra of Aduro.
Umbra of Malko. Became Balkan's Umbra when Malko was killed. Became Eloida's Umbra when Balkan was killed. Became Juno's Umbra when Eloida was killed. Became Markadan's umbra when Juno was killed.
Umbra of Carab.
  • Nikki Lirag as Salye
Umbra of Dibin. Became Balkan's Umbra when Dibin died. Became Eloida's Umbra when Balkan was killed. Became Juno's Umbra when Eloida was killed. Became Markadan's umbra when Juno was killed.

Saladin inhabitants[edit]

The biological mother of Juno who will do everything for Juno to become the most powerful Salamangka in Saladin. She became affiliated with the Black Salamangkas together with Pater Malko. Eloida's best friend. She was entrusted Eloida's daughter with her husband's, later revealed to be Balkan, medallion. She Exploited Eloida's weakness and used her. Later killed by Eloida, when Adana and her daughter are in a duel brought about by Eloida.
A Salamangka who is envious of his brother Argo. He is the lover of Juno. He will do anything to get her to the extent of nearly killing Argo on some occasions. Became a prisoner of the Black Salamangkas in Murmak. Allied with Juno during the war. When Juno was about to kill Sabina, Ebrio stopped Juno and killed himself of rather laid his life down as a sacrifice for Juno to be gone and make Saladin in peace.
Friend of Argo.
  • Jake Cuenca as Terman (Darryl Lelis as young Termam) - one of Sabina's lovers. Foster brother of Sara.
  • Gene Padilla as Magil
Father of Terman; he and his family take in the young Sara.
  • Mel Kimura as Besay
Mother of Terman and wife to Magil.
  • Dwight Gaston as Orbal
He and his wife take in the young Jimboy
  • Viviene Dela Cruz as Sulah
Orbal's wife and the adoptive mother of Jimboy/Erastus.
One of Markadan's faithful followers. She is a princess, coming from the ruined kingdom of Abedeha and sister to King Arendo, father of Argo. Aunt of both Jamir and Argo. Was changed into a horse by a curse of Balkan following Markadan's collapse. Her curse was gone when Balkan was killed. With Jamir they ruled the kingdom of Abedeha in peace after the war.
A Salamangka, his mission is to find his mother, which supposedly was in the Arcapol. Possesses Balkan's medallion, which can cure wounds. Later in the series, he is one of the three sole survivors of Abedeha's collapse and destruction. Son to Princess Alondia and nephew to Princess Tamara. Cousin of Argo. With Tamara they ruled the kingdom of Abedeha in peace after the war.
  • Onessa
Arcapol's known fortune-teller. Can tell anyone's persona. Ordered by Balkan to tell Eloida that she's Argo's mother. For her punishment she was turned into an insect by Eloida. Fate unknown after the war.
  • Toby Alejar as Larius
Argo (known) and Ebrio's father. Husband of Losaya. Killed by Balkan when he complained of Balkan's cruelty. A "witness" of Markadan's supposed connivance with the Black Salamangkas. Played favorites with his sons, notably Argo.
Argo and Ebrio's mother. Wife to Larius. Played favorites with his sons, notably Ebrio. His (supposed) son, Argo, was given to her by Malko, informed that Argo came from Abedeha. Killed Garak, leader of the Black Salamangkas, when he was about to attack.


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