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This article is about Philippine television series. For other uses, see Magica.
The greatest magic is the power of love
Genre Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Created by GMA Entertainment TV Group
Developed by RJ Nuevas
Written by Renato Custodio
Suzette Doctolero
Ma. Zita Garganera
Tina Samson-Velasco
Directed by Mac Alejandre
Eric Quizon
Creative director(s) Jun Lana
Starring Angel Locsin
Dennis Trillo
Katrina Halili
Opening theme "Majika"
sung by: Kitchie Nadal
Composer(s) Kitchie Nadal
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino (Tagalog)
No. of episodes 138
Executive producer(s) Angie Castrence
Edlyn Tallada-Abuel
Producer(s) Wilma Galvante
Location(s) Lemery, Batangas, Philippines
Cinematography Rhino Vidanes
Camera setup Multiple-camera setup
Running time 30-45 minutes
Original network GMA Network
Picture format 480i NTSC
Original release March 20 (2006-03-20) – September 29, 2006 (2006-09-29)

Majika ("Magic") is a Filipino fantasy-themed television series about wizards, known as Salamangka, that inhabit the world of Saladin, where magic is the way of life. The series was produced by GMA Network. It first aired on March 20, 2006, and officially ended on September 29, 2006. The cast was led by Dennis Trillo as Argo & Angel Locsin as Sabina. The series was successfully aired worldwide, with a three-week delay on GMA Pinoy TV.


Majika tells the story of Sabina, a seemingly ordinary girl who lived in the world of mortals but is unknowingly the one destined to become Saladin’s most powerful female Salamangka.

She is the eldest child of Garam (Zoren Legaspi) and Ayessa (Carmina Villaroel), two Salamangkas who fled from Saladin to escape the wrath of Balkan (Eddie Gutierrez), a powerful dark magician. Sabina’s happy life is shattered when her parents, along with her siblings Jimboy (Rainier Castillo) and Sara (Ryza Cenon), are abducted and brought to Saladin, leaving her alone in the world of mortals at a very young age. Sabina will eventually find her way to Saladin with the help of Eloida (Jean Garcia), a Salamangka who was punished and exiled to the mortal world, which will be later revealed as her real mother, and her lover Argo (Dennis Trillo) who will train Sabina into becoming a very powerful Salamangka. Argo becomes the hero who himself possesses extraordinary powers and helps Sabina achieve the full potential of her inherent powers. Together, Sabina and Argo will discover how the power of their love for each other can do wonders to the intricate world of Saladin.[1][2]

Cast and Characters[edit]

Main Characters[edit]

  • Sabina (Angel Locsin) / young Sabina (Ella Cruz) - protagonist - a seemingly ordinary girl who lived in the world of mortals but is unknowingly the one destined to become Saladin's most powerful female Salamangka; the (eldest) adopted child of raphael and Ayesa, she is the true daughter of Eloida. She was given to Garam by Losyana, from which she received it from Tamara, and from which she found alone in the forest abandoned by Adana. Eloida taught her to use her powers and helped her go to Saladin. From an early age, she dreamed of going to Saladin to rescue her family. When she came on Saladin, she met the young Argo who became her friend. Then, she entered a contest disguised as a boy. Sabina was almost winning but because of jealousy, the young Juno reveals her secret making Sabina disqualified and imprisoned. Eloida helped her escaped but got separated. Years passed and she met Argo in the world of mortals'. Argo is in a mission of capturing Ayesa and her family. She became acquainted with Argo because of his familiarity and later on, meeting Eloida again. They traveled back to Saladin with the help of Cocoy. On her second time of arriving at Saladin, she heard of her mother's imprisonment. Determined of getting her mother, she entered a contest in which she became a servant in Arcapol. Seeing that Argo likes Sabina, Juno tricked her into entering the forbidden roo. As punishment, the Paters sent her to Gonraya where she met her mother. when she made progress there, Perula became enraged and set the slaves working on a mysterious cave. An accident happened which caused her to save her fellow. After the accident, Sabina found a medallion that got stuck on her palm. When Argo arrived at Gonraya to retrieve the Medallion, he can't get it unstuck so he brought Sabina back to Saladin. She rescued Saladin twice, faced various challenges until she became a Pati with the help of Argo and Telman. Eventually, she became in love with Argo. Her initial friendship with Juno was broken. The couple faced various obstacles because of Juno's interference in their relationship. When things were going well, Juno revealed Sabina's secret on the day of Argo's proposal to her. The people and the Paters were enraged. She fled with Argo but failed. She got stuck inside a mirror because of Juno. When she was freed, She met Markadan and trained under him. After a while, Sabina formed allies and got his family together except his father. One day, she heard of the information that she and Argo were siblings causing her heartache. She eventually meets Hamir. She thought Hamir was her true love until the truth was revealed that she is the lost child of Eloida from there she realized that Argo was the one she loves not Hamir. Then, upon knowing the truth, Eloida died and Juno became the new ruler of Saladin. Sabina and her companions continued to fight for peace. Argo and Sabina saved Saladin and became the new heroes of the magical land.
  • Argo (Dennis Trillo) / young Argo (Miguel Villareal Aguila) - a Salamangka who will help Sabina achieve the full potential of her inherent powers. Son of King Arendo (brother of Princess Tamara) and Queen Almira of Abedeha. When Princesses Tamara and Alondia came to the Arcapol, Balkan asked who is the boy Alondia is with. Tamara says he is the son of King Arendo, brother of Tamara. Balkan wiped out his memories and led him out. The boy was given to Malko then to Losaya. Argo's father was the cause of Balkan's exile to Saladin. Argo was the future heir to the Abedehan throne, this being never come to fulfillment as he passed his rights to the throne to his cousin.
  • Juno (Katrina Halili) / young Juno/Janus (Renz Juan) - a Salamangka who will become Sabina's rival. Biological daughter of Adana, was once thought to be Eloida's missing offspring. As of Eloida's death, she is now the new ruler of Saladin. His father was later revealed to be Balkan, revealed by Adana. As of September 26, she created a phoenix that will sap the powers of everyone in Saladin so that she will be the most powerful Salamangka ever. "Killed" with Ebrio when she created a vortex to kill Sabina.

The Family of Sabina[edit]

Salamangkas who fled Saladin and lived peacefully in the mortal world but were later abducted and brought back to Saladin.

  • Ayessa (Carmina Villaroel) - the (adoptive) mother of Sabina; the youngest daughter of Markadan. In the earlier episodes she and her husband were imprisoned in the Black Lake because of her relationship to Markadan. She was released when his son attempted to release her. Once lost her powers as a result of punishment by Balkan that was to be made of any known living relative of Markadan. Once she was powerless, she was thrown to the jewel mines, Gonraya, where from her tears sprouts a mysterious plant when the land is supposedly bare for plant nourishment, later on revealed to be a cure when one sees Perula's curse. She was imprisoned in a jewel mined from one of the caves of Gonray, very much like her father, and that jewel went into Adana's hands. Went back to her sanity when that jewel was smashed through Markadan's powers. Later rejoined with her daughters and son. During the war, she sneaked in on Arcapol and stole Malko's salamangkahoy. Later regained her powers. She would've been killed by Eloida for Garam's revivement (for he had turned into stone) had not her youngest daughter, Sara, defended her from behind. As of September 22, she now knows that Sabina is an adopted daughter, for her eldest (son) died at childbirth.
  • Garam (Zoren Legaspi) - the father of Sabina; a former pupil of Markadan. Both Eloida and Ayessa's lover. Eloida was his first love but due to Markadan's disapproval he altered Garam's memories. Later on, he became Ayessa's lover and eloped with her. They lived in the mortal world and had a stable life with his family until they were captured one by one because of the Paters. In the earlier episodes he and his wife were imprisoned in the Black Lake because of his relationship to Ayessa and being a former pupil of Markadan. Both Jimboy and Sara made attempts to release both of their parents but only Ayessa made it out. In the later episodes he was released by Argo. When he came back to Saladin he was caught under a spell causing him to have feelings for Eloida again. Ayessa attempted to win Garam back but he chose Eloida over her and their children. Later on, Balkan turned him into a statue. Eloida asked for Pater Carab's help to turn him back to normal. The Pater suggested of putting a droplet of Eloida's blood on the statue. Garam turned back to normal excluding the feelings he had for Eloida resulting in her bewilderment and sadness. He left Arcapol to find his family. Sabina was given to him by Losyana.
  • Jimboy/Erastus (Rainier Castillo) / young Jimboy (Miguel Tanfelix) - Sabina's younger brother, studying under the guidance of Dibin and later of Aduro. Was changed into a dog by Ebrio. Later change back into a human by Juno, when she was going to exile the family to the mortal world. He was adopted by Orbal.
  • Sara/Pria (Ryza Cenon) / young Sara (Sandy Talag) - Sabina's younger sister. When she came to Saladin, Magil and Besay adopted her to keep her safe from the eyes of the Paters. She had feelings for her foster brother Telman which she tried to distinguish by accepting her suitor's love. Later on, knowing that her actions is failing her, she broke up with her lover and joined her family. She is the former best friend of Juno before Sabina came to Saladin. Her first attitude with Sabina was particularly harsh and cold. She became jealous of Juno's attention to Sabina when she started hanging out with her. Upon her discovery that her mother is imprisoned in Arcapol, she went with her brother Jimboy. They were bitterly dismissed by Ayessa. When she learned that Sabina was in Saladin, she didn't warmly accept her due to her resentment that started when she was young. Due to Jimboy's efforts, she gradually recognized Sabina as her sister. Accidentally killed by her aunt, Eloida.
  • Markadan (Eddie Garcia) - A powerful Salamangka. He was the former Chief Pater of Saladin and Balkan's teacher. Because of Balkan's evil intentions, he was overthrown from the position and was imprisoned on the Black Lake. Balkan charged him of a false accusation that he and his family is conniving with the Black Salamangkas. After some years had passed, the crystal pyramid which is his prison was taken out of the Black Lake by Malko. Upon seeing her daughter Ayessa imprisoned in another crystal, he used his powers in freeing her. He helped Sabina achieve the full potential of her inherent powers. He is the grandfather of Sabina, Sara and Jimboy.. After the war, he again became the Chief Pater of Saladin.
  • Eloida (Jean Garcia) - the eldest daughter of Markadan. She is the former lover of Garam. When Garam left her she knew that she is carrying his child. She gave birth in secret with the help of Guryang. Guryang gave the newborn baby to Adana which she abandoned in the forest. After getting her rest from child birth, she went to look for her child. Adana told her that the child was a;ready dead when she gave birth to it. Overcame by grief, she left Saladin and went to the mortals' world. She settled by becoming a beggar and meeting young Sabina who recently lost his family. She took Sabina in and taught her the basics of Majika because of her persistence. When she came to Saladin with Sabina, she helped her disguise her as a boy so Sabina could participate in a contest. When their secret was revealed because of the young Juno, they escaped Saladin and went back to the mortals' world only to be separated. Later on, she lived a comfortable life. One day, she met Guryang in the front of a church. The two engaged in a conversation and from there, Eloida knew that her child is still alive. Then, She met the adult Sabina and went back to Saladin again. She is now determined to find her child. Finding Adana, she confronted her and demanded to tell her where her child is. Adana told Eloida that her child was Juno, which was a lie. Juno treated her coldly. She used Eloida to get what she wanted and getting her to follow her evil whims in exchange for her promised acceptance to Eloida. After knowing that Juno is not really her child, she was again fooled. This time, by Balkan. She is thought to be the biological mother of Argo, but Onessa later revealed this to be untrue. She became the new ruler of both Arcapol and Saladin after killing Balkan, but was herself killed by Juno soon after learning that Sabina was her true biological child, after all.

The Paters[edit]

"Masters"; male elders who comprise Saladin’s governing council (their descriptions, "Paters", are attached to their names. Ex: Pater xxxxx). Only later when Balkan showed his true colors did the council's elders include females.

  • Balkan (Eddie Gutierrez) - most powerful and chief of the Paters. Once a pupil of Markadan, he usurped not only Markadan's position (thru false accusations) but also Markadan's salamang-tungkod, and became Chief Pater. Later his true color was revealed and he took over Saladin, making it into a kingdom, with Balkan as King. As of September 6, he was killed by Eloida and her father's salamang-tungkod. His past is revealed in the September 25 episode, wherein Balkan also came from the ruined kingdom of Abedeha and he was exiled to Saladin by Argo's father, King Arendo. For his revenge, he wiped out the memories of Prince Argo, turned Princess Tamara into a horse, and had Abedeha razed to the ground.
  • Aduro (Jaime Fabregas) - the Pater of beasts and creatures. He disapproves of Sabina being a Pati. Together with Malko and Balkan, they sabotage Sabina's missions but they always fail because Sabina gets help from Argo or Eloida. Later joined Argo's kuta and taught Jimboy when Dibin died. He disappeared for a long time until he finally found Argo's kuta again. He helped the others win the wrwhen they went to Arcapol. With Pater Markadan, they ruled Saladin in peace after the war.
  • Malko (Nanding Josef) - a Pater who specializes in levitation. Connived once with the Black Salamangkas and became Ebrio's mentor. He took Markadan's crystal prison out of the Black Lake. He was killed by Balkan's salamang-tungkod when Balkan thought one of the four was a traitor. He gave to Losaya Argo when he went to Abedeha.
  • Carab (Spanky Manikan) - one of the Paters. He was the only Pater to stay with Balkan after the others are gone. He helped Eloida discover the truth about her child. He was injured by Ebrio by a knife spell and his Salamankahoy was taken away from him. Jamir and his followers found him injured and he was taken to their place. Was the one who revealed both Jamir and Argo's pasts. Fate unknown after the war. It is presumed that with Pater Markadan and Pater Aduro, they ruled Saladin in peace after the war.
  • Dibin (Gabe Mercado) - the Pater of magic potions. Best friend of Ayesa. He helped Ayessa and her children meet again. He kept Jimboy and Sarah's secret safe because he believed that Ayesa and her family is innocent. Carried the guilt of Malko's death when one of them was a traitor. Later killed, or rather, laid down his life as sacrifice (the strongest majika) to defeat, unsuccessfully, Balkan.

The Umbras[edit]

"Nymphs" (female spirits) whom the Paters invoke to do their bidding. (It is still unknown what happens to the Umbras when their masters die) but when their master is killed or punished by his co-pater the umbra will be transferred to the pater who killed or punished her original master.

  • Naryan (Valerie Concepcion) - one of the two Umbras of Balkan. Once a former umbra of Markadan, went back to her true panginoon (lord in Tagalog) after a decisive battle between Balkan and Markadan.
  • Lyness (Sheena Halili) - the other Umbra of Balkan. Became Eloida's Umbra when Balkan was killed. Became Juno's Umbra when Eloida was killed. Became Markadan's umbra when Juno was killed.
  • Amyla (Jade Lopez) - Umbra of Aduro.
  • Lyjah (Nicole Anderson) - Umbra of Malko. Became Balkan's Umbra when Malko was killed. Became Eloida's Umbra when Balkan was killed. Became Juno's Umbra when Eloida was killed. Became Markadan's umbra when Juno was killed.
  • Vynah (Ehra Madrigal) - Umbra of Carab.
  • Salye (Nikki Lirag) - Umbra of Dibin. Became Balkan's Umbra when Dibin died. Became Eloida's Umbra when Balkan was killed. Became Juno's Umbra when Eloida was killed. Became Markadan's umbra when Juno was killed.

The Salamangkas[edit]

They are the people or the inhabitants of Saladin.

  • Adana (Gina Alajar) - the biological mother of Juno who will do everything for Juno to become the most powerful Salamangka in Saladin. She became affiliated with the Black Salamangkas together with Pater Malko. Eloida's best friend. She was entrusted Eloida's daughter with her husband's, later revealed to be Balkan, medallion. She Exploited Eloida's weakness and used her. Later killed by Eloida, when Adana and her daughter are in a duel brought about by Eloida.
  • Ebrio (Polo Ravales) / young Ebrio (Jodell Stasic) - a Salamangka who is envious of his brother Argo. He is the lover of Juno. He will do anything to get her to the extent of nearly killing Argo on some occasions. Became a prisoner of the Black Salamangkas in Murmak. Allied with Juno during the war. When Juno was about to kill Sabina, Ebrio stopped Juno and killed himself of rather laid his life down as a sacrifice for Juno to be gone and make Saladin in peace.
  • Bodyal (Bearwin Meily) - friend of Argo.
  • Terman (Jake Cuenca) / young Terman (Darryl Lelis) - one of Sabina's lovers. Foster brother of Sara.
  • Magil (Gene Padilla) - father of Terman; he and his family take in the young Sara.
  • Besay (Mel Kimura) - mother of Terman, wife to Magil.
  • Orbal (Dwight Gaston) - he and his wife take in the young Jimboy
  • Sulah (Viviene Dela Cruz) - Orbal's wife and the adoptive mother of Jimboy/Erastus.
  • Perula (In command of the slaves thrown in her land)
  • Godiva - Sabina's steed. She is most probably Tamara before her curse was lifted
  • (Cannonball) - Argo's steed
  • Tamara (Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski) - one of Markadan's faithful followers. She is a princess, coming from the ruined kingdom of Abedeha and sister to King Arendo, father of Argo. Aunt of both Jamir and Argo. Was changed into a horse by a curse of Balkan following Markadan's collapse. Her curse was gone when Balkan was killed. With Jamir they ruled the kingdom of Abedeha in peace after the war.
  • Hamir (Oyo Boy Sotto) - a Salamangka, his mission is to find his mother, which supposedly was in the Arcapol. Possesses Balkan's medallion, which can cure wounds. Later in the series, he is one of the three sole survivors of Abedeha's collapse and destruction. Son to Princess Alondia and nephew to Princess Tamara. Cousin of Argo. With Tamara they ruled the kingdom of Abedeha in peace after the war.
  • Onessa - Arcapol's known fortune-teller. Can tell anyone's persona. Ordered by Balkan to tell Eloida that she's Argo's mother. for her punishment she was turned into an insect by Eloida. Fate unknown after the war.
  • Larius (Toby Alejar) - Argo (known) and Ebrio's father. Husband of Losaya. Killed by Balkan when he complained of Balkan's cruelty. A "witness" of Markadan's supposed connivance with the Black Salamangkas. Played favorites with his sons, notably Argo.
  • Losaya (Shamaine Centenera) - Argo and Ebrio's mother. Wife to Larius. Played favorites with his sons, notably Ebrio. His (supposed) son, Argo, was given to her by Malko, informed that Argo came from Abedeha. Killed Garak, leader of the Black Salamangkas, when he was about to attack.


Majika is produced by GMA Network, which also produced the telefantasyas Mulawin, Darna, Sugo and Encantadia. It is directed by Eric Quizon (who also directed Darna) and Mac Alejandre. The headwriter is RJ Nuevas who also wrote for Sugo.

Majika's main set for Saladin is in Fantasy World, a theme park in Lemery, Batangas.

The main theme of the series was written and performed by Kitchie Nadal.

The series' title graphic is an ambigram of the word Majika

Name origins[edit]

  • Salamangka - a local word (derived from Spanish salamanca, or the province of Salamanca in Spain) for sorcery or witchcraft
  • Saladin - Saladin was a famous Muslim leader, hero and romantic figure from the Middle Ages. The name also suggests Aladdin, as well as Salamangka.
  • Pater, Pati, Paten - (the last two, variations of) Latin for "father"
  • Maten - variation of "mater", Latin for "mother"
  • Umbra - Latin for "shadow"
  • Ayesa - a form of the name Ayesha (a sorceress-queen, the title character of several novels and film adaptations, beginning with She) or Aisha (beloved wife of Mohammed)
  • Ebrio - a common Filipino surname which is a corruption of its derivation from the Spanish word for Hebrew, Hebreo
  • Godiva - from the legend of Lady Godiva who rode naked on a horse through Coventry
  • Garam - Malay for "salt" or "spice"
  • Adana - a city in Turkey, came from the name Adarna
  • Juno - wife and sister of Zeus in Roman mythology
  • Sabina - named after a TV series character, "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" or from the tribe of Sabines in Italy.

List of Episodes[edit]

Chapter 1[edit]

  • Episode 1: The Beginning

The story starts when Sabina's family were taken by the Umbras back to Saladin. Sabina sees her siblings and father taken inside the well in their photo frame.

  • Episode 2: Magical Discoveries

Ayesa explains to Sabina why their family is taken by the women who could fly. But she was too young to understand what was happening.

  • Episode 3: The Salamanka in Her

Ayesa sees the light from the finger tips of Sabina and is convinced that she truly is a Salamanka. Ayesa tries to teach her daughter lessons in magic.

  • Episode 4: The Escape

Ayesa continues to show and teach Sabina about magic. Ayesa turns Sabina into a bird to escape the Umbras and closed the picture frame before she went inside. Meanwhile, Sabina's younger siblings, Jimboy and Sara are still trying to adapt to life in Saladin.

  • Episode 5: The Family's Fate

Ayesa faces the Paters in Saladin, she is later placed in the bottle with Garam. Sarah dreams of her parent's fate. Meanwhile, Sabina lives with her ninang and is still very sad because she is the only family member left on earth.

  • Episode 6: The Mysterious Woman

Sabina is thrown out of their house by their landlord. She goes to live with her ninang but chooses to leave instead and find her parents. She is hit by a car and is healed by a woman who also has magic.

  • Episode 7: Left Alone

Hungry and alone Sabina is still trying to look for her family. Meanwhile, Sarah misses her sister and has been dreaming about her.

  • Episode 8: New Found Friend

Sabina meets a girl named Calay who gets her into trouble. Sabina was caught eating a chicken that Princess stole and she waPrinces made to pay for it by serving in a restaurant. She is also put in a dog cage by the lady and again was save by Calay.

  • Episode 9: Luring

Sabina and Calay went to the house of Luring the rumored witch. Calay went inside the house to see what she can steal but finds nothing. When it was Sabina's turn to go inside, she found out that it was not an ordinary house inside and that Loring also has a picture of the well on her wall. loring finds Sabina inside the house and warned her not to go inside anymore.

  • Episode 10: Sabina's Only Hope

Bent on going to Saladin, Sabina tries to befriend Loring. She tries to serve her and shows her determined she is to follow and see her family. Loring finally said yes to Sabina.

  • Episode 11: The Mentor

Aling Luring starts teaching Sabina magic. In Saladin, the Paters are preparing for the contest for the young magicians in Saladin. Meanwhile, Sabina saw and heard Aling Luring when she opened the portal to Saladin and she used it to go to Saladin.

  • Episode 12: It's Time To Go To Saladin

Aling Loring continues to teach magic to Sabina. While Jimboy is being groomed by his father as a great magician. Meanwhile, Eloida tells Sabina that it’s time to go to Saladin.

  • Episode 13: The Pretender

Eloida brings Sabina to Saladin. She then tells Sabina that she would have to dress as a boy to be able to join the competition and enter Arcapol.

  • Episode 14: Argo

Sabina enters the competition as a boy named Argo. Just like the other kids, Sabina undergoes a test, but she did it in a way that made the Paters argue if she is in or out of the competition.

  • Episode 15: The Secret

Sabina pass the other test with flying colours and later discovers that one of the contestants is also a girl. She is warned by Eloida not to tell anybody about her secret but the other girl saw her when she transformed.

  • Episode 16: The Final Test

For their final test the Paters brought the young magicians in a cave of fears. When almost everybody gave up, Sabina and her friend Janus tries to defeat the monster. The monster hits Janus and she falls. Sabina saves Janus and defeats the monster. Janus runs and gets the Selermo and brings it to the Pater claiming that she tamed the monster.

  • Episode 17: The Revelation

The Paters discovered that it was Sabina and not Janus who defeated the monster. Janus jealous of Sabina, revealed that she is a fake and that she is a girl. The Paters throws Sabina to jail and Eloida once again saves Sabina. Meanwhile, Sarah and Jimboy found one another in the woods.

  • Episode 18: Another Twist of Fate

Eloida and Sabina were trying to escape using the portal in the heart of the sea when both ladies got separated. Sabina is fished out of the ocean by a fisherman who brought her to a woman who has a team of children diving for pearls.

Chapter 2[edit]

  • Episode 19: Years Passed

After many years, Sabina finds the gateway to Saladin. She was to crossover when she hears that her friends is in trouble and needs hr help, so Sabina decides to help her friend first before crossing over to Saladin. Meanwhile, in Saladin, Juno and Argo have already grown and so thus Jimboy and Sarah, who still waits for her return.

  • Episode 20: Contesa

Sabina always practices her magic and even does the routine exercise that Aling Luring taught her. She and her friend see the contesa, a rich woman from abroad who came to buy the biggest pearl in their place. She recognizes the contesa, she is Aling Luring or Eloida in Saladin.

  • Episode 21: Breaking The Rule

Sabina wants to get closer to the contesa and breaks the rules by going to the rest house where the contesa is staying. One of the bodyguards sees her and shoots at her hitting her in the shoulder. Sabina's magic heals her. Sabina was locked in a room for breaking the rules and not going back to the house on time; she is also told that she cannot join the contest.

  • Episode 22: The Contest

Sabina gets a chance in the contests and almost won. In Saladin, young magicians get a chance to try to be a Patti or an apprentice of a Pater. Janus shows his magic but the smoke turned into Juno.

  • Episode 23: Unrecognized

Sabina did not win the contest. But she did not let the chance pass her by when she sees the contesa, she came up to her but she does not recognize her. Meanwhile, somebody sees Janus turn into Juno and threatens to tell the Pater. Juno killed the man.

  • Episode 24: Janus, The Patti

The contesa dreams of Sabina and even goes to the town to see her. Meanwhile, Janus is acknowledge as a Patti of a Pater.

  • Episode 25: The Contesa's Past

Sabina tries to help the contesa remember her and her past but the contesa refuses. Jimboy makes a potion that would free their parent from being imprisoned from the black lake.

  • Episode 26: The Long, Lost Mother

Ayesa escapes from being imprisoned in the middle of the black lake but her husband Garam did not have the same luck. The Paters learns about the escape but does not have an idea as to who freed Ayesa. Contesa/Aling Luring's car hits Sabina and when she is trying to help Sabina, is remembers that she once helped this girl. Meanwhile, in Saladin, Sara/Pria helps an old lady she saw in the woods. She did not know that it was Ayesa, her mother in disguise.

  • Episode 27: Gaining the Memory

Jimboy/Erastus learns that Ayesa escapes from the Black Lake and tells Sara/Pria. Aling Luring's memory came back and she now remembers everything and wants to help Sabina. Ayesa was almost caught in Saladin but escapes, she plans to go back to the world of humans and find Sabina. Meanwhile, Sabina is being accused of killing Enchang.

  • Episode 28: Return to Human World

Ayesa is able to go back to the world of humans and does not know where to start looking for her daughter Sabina. Sabina escaped from the hospital and is now evading the police who are to arrest her for killing Enchang. Ayesa hears a voice humming and followed the voice which she hoped that would lead her to Sabina.

  • Episode 29: The Wanted

The Paters made a test to the Patti as to whom they will send to the world of the humans. They really want to get back Ayesa and bring her back to Saladin. Meanwhile, Ayesa is still looking for Sabina and so is Luring.

  • Episode 30: Argo's Mission

Argo and Ebrio were sent to the world of humans as part of their test. Argo won the test. Ebrio wins the second tests. And Argo wins the final tests.

  • Episode 31: Crossing Paths

Argo wins the test conducted by the Paters. Sabina sees her mother in the crowd and tries to go closer to see her.

  • Episode 32: Sabina Meets Argo

Ayesa sees the necklace she gave to her sister and is now sure that Eloida did survive. Argo is sent to the world of human to get Ayesa and he is accompanied by two umbras. Sabina sees Ayesa in a market but she disappears before Sabina gets a chance to get closer. Sabina was searching for her mother when she bumps into Argo.

  • Episode 33: An Old Friend

Argo loses the ring that the Paters gave him to track Ayesa. The Umbras sees and catches Ayesa with their net but she is too clever for them and her magic is more powerful. Sabina meets an old friend, Princess. Princess works for the Contesa. The contesa still has Sabina on her mind and is still trying to look for her.

  • Episode 34: Remembering the Painful Past

Sabina went to live with Princess and they tell the head maid that she is willing to work just to have a place to stay. Eloida remembers even the day when their father asks her to give up on love and learns that her boyfriend Garam is the new boyfriend of her sister Ayesa. Sabina meets Argo once again as Argo tries to catch Princess, the person who stole his ring.

  • Episode 35: The Catch

Sabina and the Contesa finally meet and Sabina wants to go back to Saladin. Meanwhile, Ayesa is still looking for Sabina when she spotted Garam. Ayesa calls out to Garam. Garam hugs Ayesa and he turns into Argo.

  • Episode 36: Eloida Refuses

Ayesa escapes Argo and the Umbras. But Argo hurts Ayesa when he used his magic against her. Meanwhile, Eloida refuses to go back to Saladin. She said that she already did what she can do to help Sabina and she cannot do it again. Sabina and Argo meet once again.

  • Episode 37: The Magical Frame

Eloida meets the midwife from Saladin who helped her with her child birth, while talking the midwife asked about her daughter. Eloida learns that her daughter is alive and Adana only made up the story that she is dead. Princess tells Sabina that the ring lights up whenever Contesa walks pass her, wanting to find Aling Luring Sabina borrows the ring from Princess. She was walking when she noticed that the ring light up, then she sees her mother entering the ""lagusan"" or the frame that they used to use to enter Saladin.

  • Episode 38: Argo's Prize

Ayesa closed the passageway so that Sabina would not follow her. Both Sabina and Eloida tried to open it but it seems that it’s permanently closed. Cocoy found the picture and he was able to open it using chants. Meanwhile, because of capturing Ayesa, the Paters give Argo the head of the Patti.

  • Episode 39: Another Adventure

Pater Balka turns purple after a bug stings him. Sabina and Eloida learn that Cocoy also has magic. During his sleep Eloida hears Cocoy say chants, but these chants are for black magic. The Paters forces Ayesa to bring in her children so that could eliminate the bloodline of Markadan. Meanwhile, Eloida, Sabina and Cocoy try to open the gateway to Saladin but the frame opened the door to a different world, a dark world.

  • Episode 40: A Different World

Sabina and Cocoy enters the frame and it brought them to a world, to a cave. Eloida was able to follow both of them in time. Jimboy finds a way to visit their mother Ayesa who is held captive by the Paters.

  • Episode 41: Murmak

Sabina's age has accelerated because of black magic. To save Sabina's life, Cocoy agreed to stay within Murmak in exchange of saving his friend, Sabina. Meanwhile, Janus was granted a wish from Patre Balkan after healing him when Janus was able to obtain a black insect.

  • Episode 42: Ayesa's Punishment

Ayesa's powers are taken by the Balkans to serve as punishment due to Ayesa's disobedience in the rules of Balkans. Eloida on the other hand, learns from Adana that her daughter is still alive.

  • Episode 43: Saving Ayesa

Sabina sees Ayesa but apparently, she cannot do anything to save her from the Balkans. Sabina promises herself that she is going back to save Ayesa. While Eloida agreed to meet in the woods with Adana to get her daughter.

  • Episode 44: Adana

Sabina sees Ayesa but apparently, she cannot do anything to save her from the Balkan. Sabina promises herself that she is going back to save Ayesa. While Eloida agreed to meet in the woods with Adana to get her daughter.

  • Episode 45: Brother Against Brother

Ebrio visits Juno as she gets injured upon attempting to capture Eloida. Juno tells Ebrio that he should not waste his time courting her for her heart‘s desire is Argo, Ebrio's brother. Would this trigger Ebrio to get mad at his brother?

  • Episode 46: The Forbidden Place

Sabina walks into the black lake not knowing that the place is forbidden for it is the place where Markadan rests and it should not be disturbed. Consequentially, the Paters send Umbras to drive Sabina away from the black lake. Would Sabina be able to fight the Umbras when she is still not in full control of her powers?

  • Episode 47: The Sisters

As Eloida searches for her daughter, she sees Ayesa being punished by the Paters (the masters of Salamangka). Could Eloida find her daughter before the Paters and the natives of Saladin capture Eloida and punish her together with Ayesa?

  • Episode 48: Eloida's Missing Daughter

Juno helps Sabina to recuperate for the reason that Sabina once saved her life. Meanwhile, Eloida visits Adana's home in hoping to find her long, lost daughter. Would Adana disclose to Eloida who her real daughter is?

Chapter 3[edit]

  • Episode 49: Arcapol

Juno gives a golden bracelet to Sabina in order for her to join the contest for women servants in Arcapol. Sabina would like to join the contest in Arcapol so she could easily find her mother Ayesa, and her family. What are the dangerous challenges awaiting Sabina?

  • Episode 50: The First Challenge

Sabina successfully surpasses the first test in Arcapol without even needing a sap from a tree for adhesive. Would she be able to pass the other succeeding tests? Meanwhile, Ebrio tells Juno that he knows her secret, but he said he would keep mum as long as Juno would love him back.

  • Episode 51: Payback Time!

It's payback time. Juno attempts to kill Ebrio after Adana insists that her secret is at risk of being disclosed so she should kill him, yet Ebrio escaped his death with the help of Sabina's Majika. Could Ebrio really blurt out and reveal Juno's secret even if this means Juno's punishment from the Paters?

  • Episode 52: Not Over Yet

Sabina has joined the top five servants of Arcapol after passing the final test. Apparently, winning the contest does not mean that Sabina's challenges are over. Sabina faces another test from the Paters together with her four other companions (servants) who are tasked to bring five containers into the hill of Kapanggura no matter if there life is at stake.

  • Episode 53: Balkan's Promise

Juno uses her wit to outsmart the Paters and to save her from punishment. Juno reminds Pater Balkan of his promise of granting anything she wishes for after Juno saves his life from fatal illness. Would Pater Balkan grants his promise to Juno and spare her from the grave punishment that she should suffer?

  • Episode 54: A Magic Carpet Ride

Argo flies with Sabina on his magic carpet. He wishes to express his gratitude for Sabina upon saving the life of his brother, Ebrio. However, as Argo tries to advance his friendship with Sabina, while Juno witnessed the whole scene and she cries her way out swearing at Sabina with infuriation and Juno promises to take her revenge for the perceived betrayal.

  • Episode 55: Jealousy

It is clear to Juno that Argo likes Sabina and because of that, it made Juno hate Sabina more. Juno treats Sabina as an enemy since then and because of being badly hurt and jealous with Argo, Juno starts plotting evil acts to end the life of Sabina. Could Sabina's majika win over Juno's powerful salamangkang itim (black magic)?

  • Episode 56: The Attempt

In attempt to kill Sabina, Juno was surprised to see that Sabina has Majika (magic) too. Juno postpones her act to kill Sabina though the latter faces another risky task from the servant head in Arcapol. This time, Juno was asked to feed Harakta—the most dangerous pet of Pater Aduro.

  • Episode 57: The Real Motive

Pater Malko offers Ebrio to become his mentor in place of serving Pater Malko with all his loyalty. Pater Malko wants to help Ebrio to develop his salamangka and become the greatest and most powerful Salamangkero in Saladin. Is this the real motive of Malko, or is there anything else?

  • Episode 58: Gonraya

Pater Balkan asks Argo to visit Gonraya to check the leadership of Perula among the slaves who currently works in the land of the jewel mines. Meanwhile, Sabina also learns from Argo that Gonraya is the same place where Ayesa was thrown. Could this be Sabina's chance to save her mother?

  • Episode 59: Deception

Juno deceives Sabina and tells the latter that she was attacked by the salamangkeros who used the Salamangkang itim (black magic) against her and because of that, she is about to die. Juno says Sabina could help her by obtaining the book of magic inside the forbidden room of the Paters. What is Juno up to this time?

  • Episode 60: Juno or Sabina?

Because of Juno's forbidden act of breaking inside the room of the Paters, she is to face a punishment from the Paters. Instead of protecting her friend and saving her from any punishment, Juno insists in front of the Paters that Sabina is a liar and should not be trusted. Whose side is Argo going to believe: Juno or Sabina?

Chapter 4[edit]

  • Episode 61: The Spread of Darkness

As Pater Balkan attempts to punish Eloida and take all of her powers, a sudden haze of black smog like that of an eclipse rapidly covering the entire Saladin. Who is responsible for the immediate spread of darkness?

  • Episode 62: Perula

Sabina continues her quest for her mother in Gonraya. However, Perula would not take off her eyes on Ayessa for Perula distrusts Sabina and so Perula makes sure that Sabina does not ever get close to Ayessa. Meanwhile, Patre Balkan suggests to Argo that he should marry Juno and become as one for the sake of raising the greatest salamangka in Saladin.

  • Episode 63: The Curse

After an abrupt and unexpected rainfall, the inhabitants of Saladin were suddenly inflicted with an unexplainable skin disease. Did someone cast a tremendous spell or a curse using black magic (Salamangkang itim) against Saladin? Could there still be a panacea to the spreading epidemic?

  • Episode 64: The Medallion

The Paters sent Argo for a quest to obtain Pater Seruno's medallion, which has extremely strong powers. According to Paters, the powers of the medallion could possibly heal and stop the spreading of the epidemic caused by the salamangkang itim in Saladin. Pater Seruno kept the medallion inside the cave of Gonraya in order to protect it from the salamangkang itim. Could Argo make it in time before the medallion lands in the hands of salamangkang itim who wish to destroy and to spread evil in Saladin using the medallion's powers?

  • Episode 65: The Powerful Book of Magic

In order to save the Saladin from the epidemic cast by the Salamangkang itim, the Paters need to retrieve the mahiwagang aklat ng pambihirang majika (a magical and powerful book of Majika) back in Saladin from the salamangkang itim. In so doing, Sabina (as she is the new holder of the great powers of the medallion), was sent by the Paters together with Argo, to fight with the Salamangang itim in Murmak and obtain the magical book. Would they be able to surpass this very risky task, considering that the salamangkang itim are very dangerous, vile, and powerful?

  • Episode 66: Unknown Force

Endemic pestilence of the epidemic which infested Saladin due to the salamangkang itim, is now over after the enchanting book of magic was retrieved by Sabina and also with a little aid from Argo. However, challenges does not stop from the healing of Saladin—Does it mean there are new chaotic predicaments awaiting for Saladin as the most powerful salamangka in Saladin, popularly known as Markadan, was unleashed by an unknown force?

  • Episode 67: Sabina's Wish

The Paters grant one wish for Sabina's victory in her previous mission of retrieving the enchanted book of magic and the latter (Sabina), with an advice of Pater Dibin, asks of being appointed as Patti in order for her to gain power which is necessary to save her mother, Ayessa. Would Sabina's wish be granted in spite of its serious consequence for the Paters? Meanwhile, Saladin faces another type of lethal plague and everybody tries to provide the solution for the invasion of large swarms of the green incalus (insects).

  • Episode 68: Saladin's Newest Hero

For the second time, Sabina saves the whole Saladin from the indestructible swarms of incalus making her deserving for the title of a Patti in executing such heroic act and saving many lives. The townspeople celebrated with overwhelming joy as they witness how Sabina and Argo terminates all the harmful and deadly insects with Sabina's ideas and for that, they wish Sabina to be appointed as the new Patti or heroine of Saladin. Would the Paters evaluate this scenario as enough evidence that shows that Sabina is really powerful and not just an ordinary female salamangka who therefore deserves to be elected as Saladin's newest Patti?

  • Episode 69: Another Challenge

Time does heal the pain and hurting emotions brought by being left by a sister when they were still children, and for Sara, she has forgiven her sister after learning that her elder sister Sabina is the one responsible for saving the entire Saladin from the pestilence of the Incalus. On the other hand, the Paters have re-evaluated Sabina's wish to be appointed as Patti by giving her a series of dangerous and life-threatening tests so that Sabina could prove herself as really powerful and deserving of the title.

  • Episode 70: Juno's Condition

The frantically in love Juno would do anything just to get rid of Sabina and cast her away from Saladin. Juno approaches Eloida and blackmails her by asking Eloida to kill Sabina if she wants Juno to treat her as her real mother. As Sabina is always Juno's rival to the position as a Patti and also a rival to her beloved Argo, Juno wants Sabina dead though this would be a very difficult task for Eloida since she is Sabina's mentor and they are both very close and dear to each other.

  • Episode 71: Sabina, The Patti

The Paters officially ordain Sabina as the newest Patti joining Argo and Juno in Saladin. However, most of the Paters are against the idea of appointing her. What are Juno's next steps in order to look and to save her mother Ayessa and father Garam? Could she really have free have access now in the entire Saladin and visit everywhere she wishes to go in pursuit of her parents?

  • Episode 72: Inside A Diamond Stone

Ayessa is now in the hands of Adana as the latter holds Ayessa as captive inside her diamond jewel stone. Since Sabina last heard of Ayessa in Gonraya, how would she be able to find Ayessa inside a diamond? Is Ayessa still alive or was already eliminated as ordered by Pater Balkan?

  • Episode 73: Juno's Scheme

After the earth-trembling and peace-shattering incident which could be attributed to the curse of such prohibited black magic, Sabina is given punishment that brings her back against the wall---but with this, it seems that Juno is naturally pleased with what has taken place as she plans another scheme. Meanwhile, Argo tries to discern who it is who has used such forbidden magic---will he ever get close to solving the mystery?

  • Episode 74: His Love for Sabina

With the discussions between Ebrio and Malko, evil schemes are plotted against Argo---will they be able to plant the power-absorbing gem successfully on him and get away with it? Meanwhile, Argo confesses his real feelings for Sabina---with their emotions running all over, will this lead to anything positive or would it all go downhill?

  • Episode 75: Ayesa's Whereabouts

As Sabina tracks down the whereabouts of her mother, she finds herself facing a string of troubles, dangers and other pressing hazards---will she be able to find her mother as all threats seem to come out from the woodwork?

  • Episode 76: An Evil Plan

Juno 's diabolical plan seems to be working as she is able to convince Argo that the chance and rescue he has been given is all for the purpose of both of them to share a life together---can she expect everything from here on out to go her way? Meanwhile, still in pursuit, Eloida tries to convince Sabina to come with her---will she come? Would she fight? Or would she learn of the truth about herself?

  • Episode 77: Voiceless

A voiceless and hapless Sabina is left with a heap of problems but what is atop of her list is her clueless state on how to get back Argo---at this point, will she ever get him back?

  • Episode 78: Argo to Marry Juno

With everything that has happened, Sabina finds herself in self-pity and catastrophic, bad luck as she has no understanding why Argo has forgotten all about her and has no power to stop the first ritual of marriage administered as a to-be-wed Argo and Juno welcome the kingdom's blessings---would it all go smooth-sailing for Juno?

  • Episode 79: Another Quest

The expedition of Sabina and Jimboy begins as their search for the mythical winged creature of that can bring back Sabina's voice---just what obstacles would they face along the way? Meanwhile, Malko seems to have persuaded Ebrio in doing something that has everything to do with Argo's well-being---will he be convinced to yet again have ill-intentioned plans for his brother?

  • Episode 80: The Wedding Ceremony

As she has regained her voice, Sabina reads clues everywhere that the wedding between Argo and Juno is indeed taking place, as she races with all her might, would she able to get there in time? Meanwhile, in the actual wedding, it seems that unnatural phenomena have taken place---would this affect the outcome of the ceremony?

Chapter 5[edit]

  • Episode 81: The Giant Octopus

Ayessa holds his father who is currently imprisoned inside a jewel. As she is holding his father in one hand and drinking water from the lake in her other hand, suddenly, a huge, gigantic octopus comes out of the lake and attacks her. How could Ayessa ever save herself and his father from such terrible situation when all her powers are gone as taken away by Pater Balkan?

  • Episode 82: Markadan

On her way to Idahaw, Ayessa gets help from the son of a friend of Markadan, named Turko. In order to ensure the safety of Markadan, Ayessa, leaves Markadan in Turko's care for a while. So, in her return from Saladin, Ayessa promises that she will free Markadan from being imprisoned in the jewel.

  • Episode 83: Argo's Accusation

Juno could not accept her defeat and she is now determined to do anything it takes to destroy Sabina and to keep her away from Argo. Apparently, Juno is facing allegations from Argo for taking away his memory of Sabina and if she will be proven guilty, the Paters in Arcapol will punish Juno.

  • Episode 84: The Risk

Though it is dangerous for Ayessa to be seen in Arcapol, she barges into the room of Pater Balkan to obtain the salamangtungkod that the Pater used to take away her powers. Ayessa dauntlessly executes her tasks. However, it is very risky to get caught and be punished.

  • Episode 85: Fight For Love

Argo fights for his love for Sabina in spite of the Paters' disapproval. He is very willing to fight for his love up to the extent that he is willing to give up his powers and his high position of being a Patti. However, this is not unknown to Juno and the latter plans to stop the near wedding of Sabina and Argo by revealing a secret on the day of their marriage.

  • Episode 86: Wrong Accusations

Among suspecting wandering eyes, Sabina tries to convince Argo that all the accusations being thrown at her mother are untrue. Trying to stage what it seems to be a convincing turn-around to essentially get her out of any trouble, will Argo be able to do the right for Sabina or would his moves be read by those who have gone meticulous over his actions?

  • Episode 87: The Best Option

A battle of magic and wits takes place as Eloida, with all her might, tries to vanquish Ayesa, but to all of their surprise some unlikely heroine steps up and neutralizes the situation—who could it be? Meanwhile, Argo tries to convince Sabina that a complete escape and to live together incognito from their would-be captors is the best strategic option for them---would Sabina be willing to give up her family?

  • Episode 88: Balkan's Anger

With his patience running thin, Balkan learns of the failure the assignment he has give to Naryan and Lyness—will his anger get the best of him or would he let this one slide? Meanwhile, Adana shares some vital information with Aduro—just what could it be?

  • Episode 89: Outpouring Problems

As Eloida falls captive to the power of the Pater, the elders have found it much more convenient that she is slowly being taken out of the picture and that their plans hold less threats ahead—will they decide to get rid of her completely? Meanwhile, Sabina faces a ton load full of pressing threats—with only magic by her side; will she be able to overcome them?

  • Episode 90: The Trap

Juno is able to use her powers in weaving Sabina into a trap where being stuck in time is all that is known---just how can Sabina get out of this? Meanwhile, the Paters try to corner Eloida by giving her an obstacle that is a heap of trouble---will she succumb to their powers or would it be the other way around?

  • Episode 91: The Guardian of Matusalen

Inside a mirror, the beautiful Sabina is imprisoned but the guardian of Matusalen finds the mirror and recognizes the woman who formerly stole the fruit from the tree. Would the guardian help her get out of the mirror or would he let Sabina rot inside the mirror forever as he was punished and his powers were taken away from him after Sabina took the fruit of Matusalen?

  • Episode 92: The Feast of Saladin

The paters and the townspeople celebrate the feast of Saladin while Argo and Eloida are helplessly imprisoned is the rooms of Arcapol which are designed so they could not use their powers. Although it is very life-risking, Sabina struggles to find her way back to Saladin and continue her search for her family.

  • Episode 93: Garam

Argo gets help from Bodyal, his friend. Bodyal helped Argo escape from imprisonment in Arcapol and so the two rushes to seek for Sabina and help her find her family. Moreover, Argo frees Garam from the lake after being trapped at its bottom for a very long time.

  • Episode 94: Free Again

While fighting with a group of mocking men, Sabina destroys the crystal used by one of the assailants against her powers. In that crystal, Markadan is inside and so, upon breaking the crystal, Markadan freely escapes and recognizes Sabina who saves his life by helping him get out of the crystal.

  • Episode 95: Vengeance

Juno initiates to query Terman about the two siblings of Sabina. For the reason that Pater Balkan wants to punish and to kill Sabina and the rest of their clan, anyone inclusive of Markadan's bloodline, Juno purports to do anything just to avenge the pain in her broken heart. However, Markadan continues to test the magical powers of Sabina in order to gauge the strength and endurance of Sabina's Majika and offer connivance with his revenge for Pater Balkan.

  • Episode 96: Markadan's Test

Unaware that Sabina is dealing with Markadan—the most powerful salamangka in Saladin, the latter sets forth a whimsical test for Sabina because she refuses to take his request for helping him complete a mission in Saladin. Could Sabina pass this test and escape away entirely from Markadan? In case she fails, what lesson could she learn from this challenging and riddling task?

  • Episode 97: For The Power and Prestige

For seeking power, prestige, and selfish love, people may go to the extent of engaging in deplorable acts of deception even if the most important things are sacrificed like: friendship, family, and principles. In Saladin, some Salamangkas in greed for power are willing to do anything for having the strongest Majika. But then, Sabina would prove that the greatest gift of Majika is at its strongest when it is used for helping others because of genuine love.

  • Episode 98: Osias

Markadan introduces himself as Osias to Sabina for keeping his true identity clandestine. Why is he keeping his identity secret is it because Markadan is really an enemy of Saladin? What is the truth behind the story of Markadan's banishment in the entire Saladin?

  • Episode 99: The Experts of Majika

In alliance with Pater Malko, Adana learns that their force is incomparable to the strength of Pater Balkan's connivance with Eloida as the latter comes from the clan of Markadan, their bloodline is known as the experts in using Majika. Meanwhile, Argo and the rest of Markadan's family are working hard to enhance and to reach the full potentials of their Majika in order to be able to fight whatever hindrance they are about to face in pursuit of bringing back peace and order, reconciliation of their whole family, and restoring Saladin to its former glory.

  • Episode 100: The Potion

Garam drinks a potion from Pater Balkan allowing Garam to be under Pater Balkan's spell: the potion shall make Garam forget about his feelings for Ayessa and instead, he would fall in love with Eloida. Argo and Ayessa rushes into Arcapol and the latter sees Eloida in the arms of Garam. Would love be prevalent than a magic spell for Garam to be able to recognize Ayessa and express how much he longed for her since the time they have been separated by fate?

  • Episode 101: Aradia

As reason escapes her and worries takes over, Sabina tries to look for Aradia as she goes running about the forest---will Sabina be able to find her? What is her reason for fleeing? Meanwhile, Argo has his backed against the walls of hay as he tries to survive falling into a massive bird's nest and he might very well be what's for dinner. On other things, Eloida confronts Adana about getting to the bottom of finding her true child, her son. Will she be able to get the truth out of her?

  • Episode 102: The Truth

Argo has been looking for Sabina everywhere but it seems that it has only and always brought him closer to danger as he stops at a small village to ask around, the Orlak arrive and spread their madness to the people. Will he get out of this? Meanwhile, Eloida still wants to know who her child is, as she approaches Losaya find out the truth, will she get anything out of her? As she knows her destiny and what lies in it, Sabina's skills and heart is challenged by two Umbra. Can she handle the heat?

  • Episode 103: Tamara

After facing Vynah and Lyjah, though coming alive out of it with help from Tamara, Sabina incurs such a sting from them. With time against her side, will push through this ordeal?

  • Episode 104: Argo's New Task

Pater Markadan gives an assignment to Argo—it involves retrieving his most powerful staff. Will he be able to do what he is requested for him to do? Meanwhile, Sabina, together with Tamara, face a new breed of kingdom soldier-creatures sent by Pater Balkan that are still beyond their handling and comprehension. Will they figure out a way how to defeat them?

  • Episode 105: The Lust for Power

As he has announced the dawning of a new era to the whole kingdom of Saladin, Pater Balkan's lust for power has escalated to point at which he decided upon doing anything and everything to have his way. Little does he know, fellow Paters like Aduro, Dibin and Carab have all lost faith and trust in him. Would they decide to do the right thing?

  • Episode 106: The Magical Short-cut

As advised by Balkan and to facilitate to journey and mission even better, Sabina, Argo and Bodyal head to Arcapol via a secret and magical short-cut... are they ready for what lies ahead? Under Balkan's spell, Eloida is ordered to do a specific instruction that entails her being out for blood, quite literally. Who can stop her now?

  • Episode 107: The Agonizing Mother

Ayessa suffers quite a painful blow in losing a daughter in just a swift swing of events. Could magic possibly bring her back? Meanwhile, Balkan seems to have readied himself for any and every kind of threat to his reign as Argo and Sabina fight-off each other. How could this be even possible?

Chapter 6[edit]

  • Episode 108: Sabina and Balkan's Face Off

After feeling what it is like to have lost a sibling, Jimboy wouldn't allow anything else happen to Sabina... will he be able to save her? Meanwhile, Sabina finally faces off with Pater Balkan. Will she be able to handle the Pater's awesome magical skill and strength?

  • Episode 109: Dibin's Destiny

It is Pater Dibin's turn to face off against Pater Balkan as he realizes what kind of magic he must sacrifice and use to stop Pater Balkan, he is ready to realize his destiny. Will Pater Balkan be ready for what it is that is coming? Meanwhile, Sabina learns of her sister's passing and it leaves her only distraught and destroyed inside.

  • Episode 110: Sara's Final Farewell

The search for Argo becomes a full-scale manhunt—as time seems to stand against Pater Balkan, he becomes even more determined and desperate to capture him. Meanwhile, Sabina, Ayessa and Jimboy bid their final farewell to their beloved Sara.

  • Episode 111: Eloida's Past

Sabina learns the past of Eloida and this newly acquired information stirs her emotionally and learns who her child is. Meanwhile, Ebrio gains powers more than the gift of sight.

  • Episode 112: The Eye of Ebrio

Sabina is trying to look for Argo and Ebrio, but to no avail, as she worries for their safety. Meanwhile, the eye of Ebrio no longer seems to be a secret.

  • Episode 113: Sabina's Realization

Tamara blesses Sabina and gives her knowledge and wisdom how to realize who it is who would make her heart beat like no other.

  • Episode 114: The War Bagins

Rallying his troops and friends for an attack of the ages, Markadan wishes to find his grandson and ultimately, take down Balkan and his evil ways. Will their cause and planning go smoothly? Meanwhile, lives are lost left and right as Balkan's reigns supreme.

  • Episode 115: Eloida's Confusion

Though it is difficult for him to accept as his feelings are still strong for his love, Argo tells Terman who it is he wishes for Sabina to end up with. Who could it be? How would Argo take this? Meanwhile, Eloida is introduced with the possibility that Argo may not be her child, only bringing more confusion on her plate.

  • Episode 116: Terman's Affection

Terman tries to woo Sabina off her feet—would his show of interest, care and affection be reciprocated back? Meanwhile, Garam leaves Eloida to look for his family.

  • Episode 117: Hamir

Odesa confesses that Argo is not Eloida's real son and that she is forced to say as ordered by Pater Balkan. Sabina finally meets Hamir.

  • Episode 118: Argo's Jealousy

Argo's jealousy over Hamir ends up in physical brawl, Ebrio inform Pater Balkan about the reunion of Markadan and Pater Balkan.

  • Episode 119: The Battle Between Sabina and Eloida

Pater Balkan and his warriors start attacking Pater Balkan and his allies, during battle between Sabina and Eloida, Argo stands by Eloida who he thought is his mother.

Chapter 7[edit]

  • Episode 120: Hamir's Medallion

Markadan is on the verge of defeating Balkan but fails when the Umbra takes Balkan's side. Adana gets hold of Hamir's medallion.

  • Episode 121: The True Eloida's Child

Adana confesses to Juno that Eloida's child is a girl. Pater Balkan is on the verge of sucking out Argo's powers through a process similar to a blood compact.

  • Episode 122: The Death of Balkan

The death of Pater Balkan frees Tamara from his spell and the people of Saladin are forced to accept Eloida as their new leader. On the other hand, anger envelopes Juno upon knowing Pater Balkan is her biological father.

  • Episode 123: Hamir's Story

Hamir tells Sabina about his family in the kingdom of Abideha as being victim during Pater Balkans regime and how he is separate from his family.

  • Episode 124: The Kingdom of Abideha

Peter Markadan tries to convince Eloida to redeem herself and turn her back on her wrongdoings. Meanwhile, Tamara cries over the ruined kingdom of Abideha and her missing nephew, Hamir.

  • Episode 125: Kill Your Own Mother!

In order to punish Adana, Eloida commands Juno to kill her own mother. On Adam's deathbed, she asks Juno to look for Eloida's daughter.

  • Episode 126: Juno's Anger

Juno starts her search for Eloida's daughter to avenge Adana's death. Hamir pretends to be dead in order to see Sabina's concern for him.

  • Episode 127: Aguada

Juno makes a deal with Aguada, the caretaker of Ilog Betista (Betista river). The deal is for Aguada to show Juno where to find Eloida's baby in exchange of Juno's service in the future as Aguada's new companion in caretaking of the Ilog Betista. On the other hand, the true identity of Eloida's daughter unfolds, the baby is Sabina.

  • Episode 128: Luciana

Juno reaches Luciana, Tamara's dama who entrusts Eloida's baby to Garam, Ayesa's son dies upon birth and Garam makes her believe that she bore a baby girl, Sabina.

  • Episode 129: The Magical Touch

Tamara visits her long friend Eloida and before she leaves, Tamara bestows her blessing upon the latter, that Eloida will be able to recognize her daughter upon touching her because her hand will produce light.

  • Episode 130: The Real Daughter

Sabina wears the clothes tailored by friendly dwarves. During her encounter with Eloida, Sabina grasps the latter's hand to prevent Eloida from stabbing her, her touch makes Eloida's hand illuminate with the light which only signifies that Sabina is Eloida's real daughter.

  • Episode 131: Juno's Attack

The dying Eloida asks for Sabina's forgiveness. Juno holds Sabina as a prisoner and threatens to kill her if Markadan tries to attack her.

  • Episode 132: To The Rescue

Argo goes back to Arcopol to rescue Sabina. Through her mind power, Sabina unlocks her prison cell and escapes.

  • Episode 133: A Sleepy Spell

Juno puts Sabina to sleep—a spell that only Sabina's mother can break. For this reason, Tamara is forced to tell Ayesa that Sabina's real mother is Eloida.

  • Episode 134: Intense Power

Tamara and Garam unveil the truth behind Sabina's biological mother. Meanwhile, Juno's powers intensify as she absorbs all the powers from the magic book.

  • Episode 135: The Future King of Abideha

Hamir finds out that Argo is his missing cousin. Argo, being the heir to the throne and future king of Abideha, bequeaths sovereignty to Hamir.

  • Episode 136: Juno's Demands

Juno promises to break her spell on Sabina's family if they leave Saladin and never come back. Juno demands loyalty and love from Argo.

  • Episode 137: The Duel

Sabina refuses to go back to the world of the mortals and challenges Juno in a duel.

  • Episode 138: Happy Ending

Sabina and Argo defeat Juno. Pater Markadan finally redeems himself and once again reigns as the king and leader of Saladin.


  • Due to public demand and the blackout created by the typhoon over the Philippines, Majika's last two episodes were replayed on September 29 and September 30, 2006, pre-empting My Name Is Kim Sam Soon.
  • The final episode of the series was once again aired on October 2, 2006, pre-empting the pilot episode of Atlantika due to some areas in Metro Manila not having electricity restored during the weekend.
  • The whole series was once again aired in Fox Filipino Channel starting in October 2015 ending in November 2015.

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