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Mazhilis full logo kk.png
Founded1996; 26 years ago (1996)[1]
Preceded bySupreme Council
Erlan Qoşanov, Amanat
since 1 February 2022
Kazakhstan Mazhilis 2022.svg
Political groups
Government (76)
  •   Amanat (76)

Pro-government (9)

Opposition (22)

Length of term
5 years
Party-list proportional representation
Largest remainder method
Last election
10 January 2021
Next election
Meeting place
Парламент Казахстана 2017.jpg
Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

The Mazhilis (Kazakh: Mäjılıs, Мәжіліс, also transliterated as Majilis; "Assembly" in Kazakh) is the lower house of the bicameral Parliament of Kazakhstan, known as the Parlamenti, in the Government of Kazakhstan. The upper house of Parliament is the Senate of Kazakhstan. There are 107 seats (98+9). Members of Parliament are elected to five-year terms.[2]


After the 1995 Kazakh constitutional referendum was held on 30 August 1995 where Kazakhstani voters overwhelmingly approved a new draft of the Constitution of Kazakhstan, a bicameral Parliament was established that included the lower house Mazhilis.[3]

In the 1995 elections, under the new parliamentary structure, all seats in both houses of parliament were contested in December 1995; runoff elections filled twenty-three seats in the Mazhilis for which the initial vote was inconclusive. International observers reported procedural violations in the Mazhilis voting. The new parliament, which was seated on 30 January 1996, included 68 Kazakh and 31 Russian members; 10 deputies members of which were women.[citation needed]

In the aftermath of the 2004 elections, the Otan became the first party in the Mazhilis to hold the majority of seats which became bigger after the Asar, Civic Party, and Agrarian Party merged with Otan in 2006.

After the constitutional amendments in May 2007, the seats in the Mazhilis were expanded from 77 to 107, which 98 of them were elected through party-list proportional representation that was used for the first time in the 2007 legislative elections.[4] From there, Nur Otan won all the contested seats, eliminating any opposition in the Mazhilis.[5]

In the 2012 legislative elections, minor parties which were the Ak Zhol Democratic Party and Communist People's Party of Kazakhstan entered into Mazhilis however Nur Otan maintains its dominant-party control since then.[6]


The Mazhilis is composed of 107 members of which 9 of the seats are reserved to the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. Elections of Mazhilis members are held every 5 years unless a snap election is called earlier and are elected through party-list proportional representation with a required 5% electoral threshold to win seats.[7]


The Chair of the Mazhilis heads the lower house and is elected by the Mazhilis members. The Mazhilis Chair opens sessions, convenes regular joint sessions and chairs the regular and extraordinary joint sessions of the Parliament.[8]

The Mazhilis Chair is assisted by two Deputy Chairs who nominates them and are elected by the members of the Mazhilis. The Deputy Chairs of the Mazhilis carry out tasks made by the Chair who take on certain responsibilities if he or she isn't able to.[8]


The term of office of the Mazhilis members is five years. Regular elections for Mazhilis are held no later than two months before the end of the term of office of the current convocation of the Parliament. Snap elections of Mazhilis members are held within two months from the date of the early termination of the powers of the Mazhilis.

A member of the Mazhilis can be a person who has reached 25 years of age, is a citizen of Kazakhstan and has permanently resided in its territory for the last ten years.

Deprivation of a deputy of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the mandate may be made when:

  • Withdrawal or expulsion of a deputy from a political party from which, in accordance with the constitutional law, he was elected
  • Termination of the activity of a political party, from which, in accordance with the constitutional law, the deputy was elected


The Mazhilis is composed of seven committees:[9]

  • Committee on Agrarian Issues
  • Committee on Legislation and Judicial and Legal Reform
  • Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and Security
  • Committee on Social and Cultural Development
  • Committee on Finance and Budget
  • Committee on Issues of Ecology and Environmental Management
  • Committee for Economic Reform and Regional Development


According to the Constitution of Kazakhstan, the exclusive jurisdiction of the Mazhilis includes:

  • Acceptance for consideration of draft constitutional laws submitted to the Parliament and consideration of these drafts;
  • By a majority vote of the total number of deputies of the chamber, giving consent to the President for the appointment of the Prime Minister
  • Announcement of the next presidential elections
  • Exercise of other powers assigned by the Constitution
  • The Mazhilis, by a majority of votes from the total number of Mazhilis members, on the initiative of at least one fifth of the total number of the members, has the right to express a vote of no confidence in the Government

List of Convocations[edit]

Mazhilis Period Election
1st 30 January 1996 – 1 December 1999 1995
2nd 1 December 1999 – 3 November 2004 1999
3rd 3 November 2004 – 20 June 2007 2004
4th 1 September 2007 – 15 November 2011 2007
5th 20 January 2012 – 20 January 2016 2012
6th 25 March 2016 – 30 December 2020 2016
7th 15 January 2021 – present 2021

Latest election[edit]

Results of the 2021 Kazakh legislative election

Party Votes % Seats +/–
Nur Otan 5,148,074 71.09 76 –8
Ak Zhol Democratic Party 792,828 10.95 12 +5
People's Party of Kazakhstan 659,019 9.10 10 +3
Auyl People's Democratic Patriotic Party 383,023 5.29 0 0
Adal 258,618 3.57 0 0
Members elected by the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan 9 0
Total 7,241,562 100 107 0
Valid votes 7,241,562 96.05
Invalid/blank votes 297,718 3.95
Total votes 7,539,280 100
Registered voters/turnout 11,919,241 63.25
Source: OSK


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