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Majique Music (record label)
Majiquemusic logo219.jpg
Founded 2003
Founder Ray Vanderby
Distributor(s) iTunes Australia
Genre Various
Country of origin Australia
Location Orange, New South Wales

Majique Music is a boutique independent record label founded in 2003 by Ray Vanderby.[1] The label was first based in Sydney, New South Wales. In 2006 the office was moved to Melbourne Victoria and since 2008 the label is based in Orange, New South Wales. The label initially secured distribution through MGM for its first signing, alternative rock band Cosmic Nomads, who released a single called Make Love Not War (Cosmic Nomads album) in 2004. The single achieved average national radio airplay. Cosmic Nomads have been signed to the label exclusively since 2004. In 2005 Ray Vanderby [2] released solo recordings up until today. In 2008 the blues band Roadhouse Rebels [3] was signed to the label. The band released an album called "Wanted To Be Alive".


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