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Majke at Jelen Pivo Live.jpg
Majke performing at the Jelen Pivo Live festival in Belgrade, in September 2008
Background information
Origin Vinkovci, Croatia
Genres Rock and roll, blues-rock
Years active 1984–
Labels Croatia Records, Jabukaton
Associated acts Bare i Plaćenici
Members Goran Barevocal
Kruno Domaćinović guitar
Davor Rodik Pedal steel guitar guitar
Mario Rašićbass guitar
Dan Divjakkeyboards
Alen Tibljašdrums
Past members see past members list
Notable instruments
Fender and Gibson guitars, Marshall amps

Majke ("Mothers") are a cult Croatian Rock band from Vinkovci, a town located at the eastern border of Croatia. Founded in 1984 in Vinkovci, Majke were one of the many bands to appear in a city that had a particularly vibrant rock and alternative scene. The band started playing under the influence of bands like:MC5, Flamin' Groovies, Steppenwolf, The Stooges, New York Dolls and many others.

In 1990 the group released their first album "Razum i Bezumlje". All that came to a crashing end in 1991 with the outbreak of the war with Vinkovci becoming one of the front-line battlefields. Majke were the only band to survive, mostly thanks to its frontman Goran Bare who was the only constant member of the band. In 1993 they released their second album "Razdor" with a hit songs "Budi Ponosan" "Krvarim od dosade" and "'89". In 1994 after a series of well received concerts all over Croatia they released their third album called "Milost" with the now famous single "Ja sam budućnost" . The 1996 was their most successful year. They released their most successful album to date called "Vrijeme je da se krene" with hits like: "Mene ne zanima", "Odvedi me" and "A ti još plačeš". In 1997 they released a live album "Život uživo". In 1998 they released "Put do srca sunca" with hit song "Grešnik". In Spring 2000 the band announced they had split, mostly because of Bare's ongoing illegal substance abuse which grew to a debilitating rate, and Bare seemed to always be completely out of control and in fights with most of the band. However, some concerts were held in 2001 due to contractual obligations. In Spring of 2007, allegedly rehabilitated, Majke regrouped(with some of the original members) and on 9 March they performed in Zagreb in now legendary venue "Tvornica". Live footage from that evening was released in 2013 on DVD and CD. In 2008, they released live album called "Unplugged". In 2011 in a different outfit (guitarist Zoran Čalić and vocalist Goran Bare being the only two original members) Majke put a new album out entitled "Teške boje" which consists of 10 brand new songs.


Studio albums[edit]

Live albums[edit]


Current members[edit]

  • Goran Bare – lead vocal
  • Kruno Domaćinović – lead guitar
  • Davor Rodik – pedal steel, guitar
  • Dan Divjak – keyboards
  • Mario Rašić – bass
  • Alen Tibljaš – drums

Past members[edit]

  • Marin Pokrovac – guitars (deceased)
  • Ivica Duspara – guitars
  • Željko Mikulić – Korozija – drums, percussion
  • Nedjeljko Ivković – Kilmister – bass
  • Zoran Čalić – guitars
  • Goran Dujmić – guitars
  • Jurica Nižić – bass
  • Thomas Balaž – drums
  • Tihomir Jalšovec – Chaka – drums
  • Damir Trkulja – guitars
  • Mario Rašić – bass
  • Damir Šomen – drums, percussion
  • Viktor Lipić – keyboards
  • Alen Kraljić – guitars
  • Vanja Marin – bass
  • Davor Viduka – guitars
  • Mario Anušić – drums

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