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Please see "major general" for other countries which use this rank

Major general (Maj Gen) is a senior rank in the Sri Lanka Army. The Director of the National Cadet Corps holds the rank of major general.

A major general is superior to a brigadier but subordinate to lieutenant general. The rank has a NATO rank code of OF-7, equivalent to a rear-admiral in the Sri Lanka Navy or an air vice-marshal in the Sri Lanka Air Force or the air forces of many Commonwealth countries. The rank insignia is a pip over a crossed sword and baton.

From 1958 to 1974, the Commander of the Army held the rank of Major General.

The ceremonial uniform of the Serjeant-at-arms of the Sri Lankan Parliament would be similar to a No. 1 Dress uniform of a major general with varied gorget patchs and epaulette similar to a flag officer of the Sri Lanka Navy.

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