Major Chandrakanth (1993 film)

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Major Chandrakanth
Major Chandrakanth 1993.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byK. Raghavendra Rao
Produced byMohan Babu
Written byParuchuri Brothers
(story / dialogues)
StarringN. T. Rama Rao
Mohan Babu
Ramya Krishna
Music byM. M. Keeravani
CinematographyA. Vincent
Ajayan Vincent
Edited byGowtham Raju
Release date
23 April 1993

Major Chandrakanth is a 1993 Telugu patriotic film, produced by Mohan Babu under his Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures banner and directed by K. Raghavendra Rao. It stars N. T. Rama Rao, Mohan Babu, Sharada, Ramya Krishna, Nagma in the lead roles and music composed by M. M. Keeravani. N. T. Rama Rao portrayed the characters of Chhatrapati Shivaji, Veerapandiya Kattabomman, Alluri Sitarama Raju, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose in the Punyabhumi Nadesham song. The film was recorded as a blockbuster at the box office and celebrated its silver jubilee.


Major Chandrakanth (N. T. Rama Rao), a sincere patriot and a brave soldier who has been awarded Param Vir Chakra for his courage of protecting foreign tourists at the border from a deadly terrorist G.K. (Rakhee). But unfortunately, his close friend Major Rajashekar (M.Balayya) is seriously injured in that operation, before dying, Chandrakanth gives a word to Rajashekar that he will make his daughter Seeta's (Nagma) marriage with his son Sivaji (Mohan Babu). Due to unforeseen circumstances, Sivaji becomes a smuggler which Chandrakanth is unaware. Once while escaping from Police Sivaji unknowingly marries Seeta and runaway. Meanwhile, Chandrakanth retires and returns his hometown Hyderabad where he leads a happy family life with his wife Savitri (Sarada), two daughters Dr. Bharathi (Sudha) & Jhansi (Kinnera) and son Sivaji. Sivaji works along with his friend Hema (Ramya Krishna) for M. P. Gnaeswar Rao (Amrish Puri) a powerful politician who performs a lot of atrocities in the society using his 5 sons.

Parallelly, Chandrakanth encounters with Gnaeswar Rao and gives a tough fight too. Once in a protest Chandrakanth is wounded in a Police charge when Sivaji questions his father, why he is still fighting for justice then he explains the greatness of his country which inspires Sivaji to quit smuggling activities. But Gnaeswar Rao does not agree and makes him caught by Police. Sivaji comes out on bail, Chandrakanth is annoyed at knowing his son's real face. At that moment, Sivaji reveals his past, previously, he saved Hema from a bunch of goons, afterward, he recognizes her as a smuggler and she asks him to join with them, but he refuses. Soon after, Sivaji's brother-in-law (Prasad Babu) kills a person in an accident and the victim's parents demand 10 lakhs as compensation. To protect his family's prestige, Sivaji forcibly entered into the crime field. Even after listening to it, Chandrakanth doesn't accept Sivaji, so, he leaves the house and decides to make his father proud. Hema also supports him because she too unwillingly performs these deeds as her father is in custody of Gnaeswar Rao. Both of them make one of Gnaeswar Rao's son arrested when Sivaji proves his innocence and Chandrakanth forgives him. Thereafter, Seetha who is in search of Sivaji reaches his house when Chandrakanth finds her as Rajashekar's daughter and also knows regarding Sivaji's marriage which he happily accepts.

Meanwhile, Chandrakanth fixes Jhansi's marriage with Inspector Raju (Achyuth), son of a freedom fighter Swarajya Rao (Gummadi). But Jhansi loves Gnaeswar Rao's younger son Lokesh (Sai Kumar), so, she leaves the house when Lokesh tries to molest her. Here Sivaji rescues and Chandrakanth performs her marriage with Raju. Eventually, when everything was going well, a tragic incident, Chandrakanth realizes that Savitri is suffering from blood cancer and her days are numbered. At that point in time, Chandrakanth observes terrorist G.K along with Gnaeswar Rao and follows them. Hema & Sivaji also witnesses it and reaches the place. In the attack, Hema is killed and Chandrakanth presents Gnaeswar Rao's evil deeds before the judiciary. But he manipulates the legal proceedings by bribing the people and escapes from the sentence. Simultaneously, Savitri passes away and Chandrakanth takes an oath before her pyre to eliminate anti-social elements. Now he awakes the public and makes them to revolt. On the other side, Sivaji collects all the proofs against Gnaeswar Rao and both of them decides to present it before Govt. Knowing it, Gnaeswar Rao kidnaps Chandrakanth and his family. At last, in the final combat, Chandrakanth makes Gnaeswar Rao arrested, but he sacrifices his life for the country.



Major Chandrakanth
Film score by
LabelLahari Music
ProducerM. M. Keeravani
M. M. Keeravani chronology
Major Chandrakanth

Music composed by M. M. Keeravani. All songs are blockbusters. Music released on Lahari Music Company.

1."Punyabhoomi Naadesam"JaladiSP Balu6:25
2."Muddulato Onamalu"M.M.KeeravaniK. J. Yesudas, Chitra4:46
3."Uliki Padaku Allari Moguda"RasarajuSP Balu,Chitra4:17
4."Bunga Moothi"GurucharanSP Balu,Chitra4:47
5."Lappam Tappam Gallaki"GurucharanSP Balu,Chitra5:29
7."Sukhibhava Sumangali"JaladiSP Balu,Chitra4:15
Total length:34:39

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