MLB Japan All-Star Series

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MLB Japan All-Star Series
MLB Japan All-Star Series Logo.png
Frequency Biennial
Location(s)  Japan
Country  United States
Inaugurated 1986
Most recent 2014
Next event 2018 (expected)
Participants United StatesCanada MLB All-Stars
Japan NPB All-Stars (1986–2012)
Japan Samurai Japan (2014– )
Organised by Major League Baseball

The MLB Japan All-Star Series is a biennial end-of-the-season tour of Japan made by an All-Star team from Major League Baseball (MLB) since 1986, contested in a best-of format against the All-Stars from Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) or recently as of 2014 their national team Samurai Japan (SJP).

The series featured many great players, such as Nori Aoki, Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey Jr., Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Hideki Matsui, Ichiro Suzuki, Shinnosuke Abe, David Ortiz, Sammy Sosa, Justin Morneau, David Wright, Jose Reyes, Jose Altuve, Robinson Cano and Manny Ramírez. In the beginning of all games the American, Canadian and Japanese national anthems are all played.

List of series[edit]

MLB v NPB (1986–2012)[edit]

Year Format MLB All-Stars Won NPB All-Stars Won
(1986–98 as All-Japan)
Tied Most Valuable Player
1986 Best-of-7 6 Games 1 Game 0 Games Tony Peña (MLB)
1988 Best-of-7 3 Games 2 Games 2 Games Barry Larkin (MLB)
1990 Best-of-8 3 Games 4 Games 1 Game Ken Griffey Jr. (MLB)
1992 Best-of-8 6 Games 1 Game 1 Game Mark Grace (MLB)
1994 Cancelled (due to the MLB players strike)
1996 Best-of-8 4 Games 2 Games 2 Games Steve Finley (MLB)
1998 Best-of-8 6 Games 2 Games 0 Games Sammy Sosa (MLB)
2000 Best-of-8 5 Games 2 Games 1 Game Barry Bonds (MLB)
2002 Best-of-8 5 Games 3 Games 0 Games Torii Hunter (MLB)
2004 Best-of-8 5 Games 3 Games 0 Games Vernon Wells (MLB)
2006 Best-of-5 5 Games 0 Games 0 Games Ryan Howard (MLB)
2008 Cancelled (in favour of World Baseball Classic)
Total MLB 9–1 NPB 48 Games 20 Games 7 Games MLB 10–0 NPB

MLB v SJP (2014– )[edit]

The Japan All-Star Series continued again after an eight-year break.[1] Katsuhiko Kumazaki, the then-new Commissioner of NPB, appointed their national team Samurai Japan, instead of a NPB All-Star line-up, for the 2014 series. The MLB All-Star team is equal to a World Cup All-Star team, and Kumazaki saw in this championship a big opportunity for the Japanese team to gain hugely useful experience for the 2017 World Baseball Classic.

Samurai Japan won the series by 3–2 games. A combined no-hitter shut out the MLB All-Stars 4–0 in Game 3.[2]

Year Format MLB All-Stars Won Samurai Japan Won Tied Most Valuable Player
2014 Best-of-5 2 Games 3 Games 0 Games Yuki Yanagita (SJP)
2016 Cancelled (in favour of World Baseball Classic)
Total MLB 0–1 SJP 2 Games 3 Games 0 Games MLB 0–1 SJP


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