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Major Matt Mason USA is the performing name of Matt Roth, a New York City-based musician and record producer active in the anti-folk and DIY music scene of New York's East Village.[1]

A native of Shawnee, Kansas, Roth moved to New York in the early 1990s, where he received his new name, based on the action figure Major Matt Mason. He established Olive Juice Music, a recording studio, independent record label, and online record shop headquartered in his apartment in the Lower East Side.[2]

Anti-folk artists he has worked with as collaborator, producer, and/or distributor include Jeffrey Lewis, The Moldy Peaches, Toby Goodshank, Kimya Dawson, LD Beghtol, Rachel Trachtenburg, Adam Green, The Baby Skins, Prewar Yardsale, The Leader, Dan Fishback, Dave End, Elastic No-No Band, and Peter Dizozza.[3] In addition to his work as a solo performer, he is also a member of the bands Schwervon! (a rock duo featuring Roth's longtime partner Nan Turner)[4] and Kansas State Flower. Mason has toured extensively throughout the US and Europe with Schwervon! and as a solo performer, often supporting members of the anti-folk movement, such as Jeffrey Lewis. He has been the headline act for anti-folk tours throughout the UK.[5]

In 2012 Matt moved back to Shawnee, Kansas. In 2017 Matt formed a side project, Broken Heart Syndrome, featuring Pat Tomek of The Rainmakers on drums. In 2019, as well as continuing to perform as a solo acoustic artist, Major Matt Mason USA has more recently appeared as a duo featuring electric guitar and full drum kit.


As solo performer[edit]

Compilation appearances[edit]

  • Call It What You Want: This Is Antifolk (2002) - "Animal Shelter"
  • Antifolk, Vol. 1 (2002) - "Rockstar"
  • I Killed the Monster: 21 Artists Performing the Songs of Daniel Johnston (2006) - "Mind Contorted"
  • Anticomp Folkilation (2007) - "Tripping Yourself"
  • Rachel Trachtenburg's Homemade World (2009) - "The Dog Song"


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