List of Major National Historical and Cultural Sites in Heilongjiang

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This list is of Major Sites Protected for their Historical and Cultural Value at the National Level in the Province of Heilongjiang, People's Republic of China.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

Site Date Location Image Coordinates Designation
Shangjing Longquanfu, Capital of Balhae
Balhae Ning'an Upload file 44°07′42″N 129°09′29″E / 44.128430°N 129.157962°E / 44.128430; 129.157962 (Sanggyeong Yongcheonbu Site, Capital of Balhae) 1-158

Shangjing Huiningfu, Capital of the Jin dynasty
Jin Acheng District Upload file 45°30′44″N 126°58′51″E / 45.512316°N 126.980750°E / 45.512316; 126.980750 (Shangjing Huiningfu Site, Capital of the Jin dynasty) 2-54

Yagou Rock Carvings
Jin Acheng District Upload file 45°25′39″N 127°20′10″E / 45.427446°N 127.336002°E / 45.427446; 127.336002 (Yagou Rock Carvings) 3-166

Ang'angxi site
Neolithic Qiqihar Upload file 47°08′46″N 123°50′20″E / 47.145992°N 123.838996°E / 47.145992; 123.838996 (Ang'angxi Site) 3-196

Puyulu City ruins
Jin Kedong County Upload file 48°04′28″N 126°23′03″E / 48.074307°N 126.384210°E / 48.074307; 126.384210 (Puyulu Ancient City Site) 3-219

Baijinbao site
Bronze Age Zhaoyuan County Upload file 45°29′09″N 124°27′20″E / 45.485953°N 124.455685°E / 45.485953; 124.455685 (Baijinbao Site) 4-23

1 Yiyuan Street
1922 Harbin Upload file 45°45′34″N 126°38′33″E / 45.759423°N 126.642454°E / 45.759423; 126.642454 (European Architecture of Yiyuanjie Street in Harbin) 4-225

Saint Sophia Cathedral, Harbin
1923-32 Harbin Saint Sofia Church.jpgUpload file 45°46′12″N 126°37′38″E / 45.770092°N 126.627197°E / 45.770092; 126.627197 (Saint Sophia Cathedral in Harbin) 4-227

Harbin Confucian Temple
1926-29 Harbin Dacheng Hall of the Harbin Confucian Temple.JPGUpload file 45°46′29″N 126°40′32″E / 45.774766°N 126.675492°E / 45.774766; 126.675492 (Harbin Confucian Temple) 4-228

Han and Wei Sites of the Sanjiang Plain
Han, Wei Jiamusi, Shuangyashan, Youyi County, Baoqing County, Fujin City Upload file 5-34

Aolimi City site
Jin Suibin County Upload file 5-35

Balicheng site
Jin Zhaodong Upload file 45°40′27″N 125°52′47″E / 45.674079°N 125.879789°E / 45.674079; 125.879789 (Balicheng Site) 5-36

Aigun New City
Qing Heihe Upload file 49°58′18″N 127°27′16″E / 49.971577°N 127.454453°E / 49.971577; 127.454453 (Aigun New City Site) 5-480

First Well of Daqing Oil Field
1959 Daqing Upload file 5-481

Wupai Mountain City
Warring States to Han Dongning County Upload file 43°56′00″N 130°47′58″E / 43.933470°N 130.799557°E / 43.933470; 130.799557 (Wupaishan Site) 6-62

Xiaosifang Mountain City
Warring States to Han Muling Upload file 6-63

Yanwodao site
Sui Baoqing County Upload file 6-64

Tazicheng site
Liao Tailai County Upload file 46°36′44″N 123°04′30″E / 46.612317°N 123.075129°E / 46.612317; 123.075129 (Tazicheng Site) 6-65

Walihuotun site
Liao to Qing Huachuan County Upload file 6-66

Taowen Wanhufu City
Yuan Tangyuan County Upload file 47°06′14″N 130°43′20″E / 47.103957°N 130.722324°E / 47.103957; 130.722324 (Taowenwanhufu Old City) 6-67

Mangjitazhan City
Ming Fuyuan County Upload file 46°58′14″N 130°35′10″E / 46.970562°N 130.586094°E / 46.970562; 130.586094 (Mangjitazhan Old City) 6-68

Daobeishan cemetery
Neolithic Jixi Upload file 6-245

Mudanjiang Border Wall
Tang to Jin Mudanjiang Upload file 6-503

Bukui Mosque
Qing Qiqihar Upload file 47°20′46″N 123°57′22″E / 47.346023°N 123.956054°E / 47.346023; 123.956054 (Bukui Mosque) 6-504

Moscow Market
Qing Harbin Heilongjiang Museum.JPGUpload file 6-922

Buildings of the Chinese Eastern Railway
Qing Hailin Upload file 6-923

Unit 731 site of the Japanese Invasion Troops
1936-45 Harbin Building on the site of the Harbin bioweapon facility of Unit 731 関東軍防疫給水部本部731部隊(石井部隊)日軍第731 部隊旧址 PB121161a.JPGUpload file 45°36′26″N 126°38′00″E / 45.607251°N 126.633333°E / 45.607251; 126.633333 (Unit 731 Site of the Japanese Invasion Troops) 6-924

Dongning Forts of the Japanese Invasion Troops
1934-45 Dongning County Upload file 6-925

Xiaolaha Site
Neolithic to Warring States Zhaoyuan County Upload file 7-123

As well as sites protected at the national level, there are also sites in Heilongjiang that are protected at the provincial level (see 黑龙江省文物保护单位).[8]

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