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Word/nameBengali (from Arabic and Persian)
MeaningRecord Keeper, Archivist, Treasurer, Accountant
Region of originBengal
Other names
Variant form(s)numerous

Majumdar (Bengali: মজুমদার) is a native Bengali surname that is used by both the Bengali Hindu and Bengali Muslim community of Indian states of West Bengal, Assam and as well as of Bangladesh.[2]

Etymology and history[edit]

The name literally translates to 'record keeper' or 'archivist', from the Arabic language majmua (مجموع/মজমুয়া) 'collection' + the Persian suffix -dar (دار/দার) 'possessor'. The surname has evolved from this title.[citation needed]

The surname is found among both Hindu and Muslim Bengalis and should not be confused with the similar "Mujumdar" or "Muzumdar", found among Marathis, and to some extent among the peoples of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh. The Bengali Mirashdars[note 1] living in the former Kachari Kingdom were given titles by the Kachari Raja, which in modern-day acts as a surname for them.[4]


Variations of the surname Majumdar also remain very common. These include different English transliterations and regional pronunciations of the term. Different English spellings include: Mojumdar, Majumder, Mojumder, Mazumdar, Mozumdar, Mazumder, Mozumder, Majoomdar, Mojoomdar, Majoomder, Mojoomder, Mazoomdar, Mozoomdar, Mazoomder, Mozoomder and Muzumdar.

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  1. ^ Mirashdar is a term referring to a landowner who pays taxes directly to the government.[3]


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