Makassar cuisine

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Coto Makassar

Makassarese cuisine is the cuisine of Makassarese people of Makassar in the South Sulawesi province of Indonesia.


  • Coto makassar, a stew made from the mixture of nuts, spices, and selected offal which may include beef brain, tongue and intestine.
  • Pallubasa, a similar dish to Coto Makassar, but with the addition of coconut.
  • Konro, a rib dish.
  • Burasa or Ketupat, a glutinous rice cake, usually eaten with Coto Makassar and Konro.
  • Ayam goreng sulawesi (Celebes fried chicken); the chicken is marinated with a traditional soy sauce recipe for up to 24 hours before being fried to a golden colour. The dish is usually served with chicken broth, rice and special sambal (chilli sauce).
  • Mie kering, a type of dried noodle served with thick gravy and sliced chicken, shrimp, mushrooms, liver, and squid.
  • Ikan bolu bakar, grilled milkfish.
  • Sop saudara, a spicy beef or buffalo soup.
  • Kapurung from Palopo.


  • Pisang epe (pressed banana), a banana which is pressed, grilled, and covered with palm sugar sauce and sometimes eaten with Durian. Many street vendors sell Pisang Epe, especially around the area of Losari beach.
  • Pisang ijo (green banana). A banana covered with green colored flours, coconut milk, and syrup. Pisang Ijo is sometimes served iced, and often consumed as iftar to break the fast during Ramadhan.