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Type Private
Founded July 2006
Headquarters Colchester, United Kingdom
Founder(s) Aibek Esengulov,
Key people Dr. Jackson Chung, Chief Executive Officer[1]
Aibek Esengulov, Chief Technical Officer
Kaly Mochoev, Chief Operating Officer
Amina Valieva, Chief Financial Officer
Ryan Dube, Managing Editor
James Bruce, Lead Developer
Employees 50[2]
Slogan(s) "Technology Simplified"
Alexa rank Negative increase 1,062 (April 2014)[3]
Type of site blog

MakeUseOf is a technology and internet apps blog founded by Aibek Esengulov and Kaly Mochoev. The website's primary focus is software, web applications, and technology, but they have also recently started covering news, opinion, and gadgets as well.[4] MakeUseOf was launched in July 2006 and now employs 50 members of staff from various parts of the world. They have been noted for being a high supporter of Net Neutrality.[5]

The site publishes, on average, 15 posts a day from Monday to Friday, with a reduced schedule at weekends.[citation needed] The main blog is backed up by a directory and a Yahoo! Answers-type of page for unanswered technology questions. The site also offers a growing collection of free e-books (in PDF and EPUB format) and for on-line reading.


Aibek Esengulov stated that the idea for MakeUseOf came about because "the biggest problem with the web was the lack of sources where users, like myself, could learn about other useful websites".[6][7]

Cracked site[edit]

In 2008, the MakeUseOf domain was stolen from its owners by a thief and blackmailer, who to this day has never been caught. He gained access to the domain by hacking into Aibek Esengulov's webmail account and using details that he found to impersonate Aibek Esengulov to GoDaddy. He then quickly transferred the domain to his control and demanded $2000 for its return.

MakeUseOf quickly set up a temporary website[8] to inform its readers what was happening and began the legal process to recover the domain. After several days, they were successful and the domain returned to their control. The cracker who stole the domain subsequently managed to evade detection.

Awards and media recommendations[edit]

PC Magazine named MakeUseOf one of the "Top 100 Undiscovered Websites" in 2007.[9] MakeUseOf has also been named one of the "Top 100 Classic Websites" by PC Magazine on two separate years (2008[10] and 2010[11]).

In 2008, Fast Company named MakeUseOf as "one of the top ten websites you never heard of".[12]


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