Make Me a Pallet on the Floor

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"Make Me a Pallet on the Floor" (also "Make Me a Pallet on your Floor", "Make Me a Pallet", or "Pallet on the Floor") is a blues/jazz/folk song now considered as a standard. The song's origins are somewhat nebulous and can be traced back to the 19th century. It appeared in sheet music in 1908 as part of "Blind Boone's Southern Rag Medley No. One: Strains from the Alleys."[1] Various versions of the lyrics were first published in 1911 in an academic journal of ethnomusicology. Some sources attribute the modern score to W. C. Handy, who later modified it into a song known as "Atlanta Blues".[2]

An early recording of the song was made by Mississippi John Hurt (as "Ain't No Tellin'").


"Make Me a Pallet on the Floor" has been recorded or performed by a number of artists, including:


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