Makedonikos B.C.

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Makedonikos B.C.
Μακεδονικός K.A.E.
Makedonikos B.C. Μακεδονικός K.A.E. logo
Leagues Greek 4th Division
Founded 1928
History 1928 – Present
Arena Kozani Stadium
Capacity 1,500
Location Neapoli, Thessaloniki, Greece
Team colors Green, White
President Athanasios Angelopoulos
Championships Greek Second Division: (2)
(2000, 2002)

Makedonikos B.C. (Greek: Μακεδονικός K.A.E.) is a Greek professional basketball club. The club is located in Neapoli, Thessaloniki, Greece. The club was founded in 1928. Makedonikos means "Macedonian" in Greek.


Makedonikos competed in the top-tier level Greek Basket League for years, until going bankrupt in 2007, when it was relegated to the third-tier level Greek B League. Makedonikos was the runner-up of the EuroCup competition in 2005.

Makedonikos won the Greek A2 League, which is the second-tier league in Greece, in the years 2000 and 2002. During the 2001–02 season, the team set the then A2 season record for most wins, with 24.

Since its foundation, Makedonikos' home city was Thessaloniki, Greece. Otherwise, when the team was bought by Dimitris Mesaikos, the franchise was moved to Kozani, Greece, for the period 2002–2006, to play in a newer, larger arena that had just opened there.[1] The team returned to Thessaloniki, Greece, after it had financial problems playing in Kozani.


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