Maker of Men

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Maker of Men
Directed by Edward Sedgwick
Written by Edward Sedgwick (story)
Howard J. Green (also story)
Screenplay by Howard J. Green
Starring Jack Holt
Richard Cromwell
Joan Marsh
Cinematography Lewis William O'Connell
Edited by Gene Milford
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date
December 18, 1931
Running time
71 min.
Country United States
Language English

Maker of Men is a 1931 American Pre-Code melodrama directed by Edward Sedgwick and written by Howard J. Green and Edward Sedgwick. The film starred Jack Holt, Richard Cromwell, and Joan Marsh, and featured John Wayne in a supporting role. The film was released by Columbia Pictures Corporation studio.


Coach Dudley (Jack Holt) is a hard-driving college football coach, who strives to shape the character of his players, transforming them into real men. Unfortunately, the Coach's son, Bob (Richard Cromwell), who plays for him, hates sports and participates only because he is forced to do so. Bob lets his team down through cowardice and laziness and as a result is rejected by his father, his college sweetheart Dorothy (Joan Marsh), and his school. Bob joins a rival college team with the plan to defeat his father's team. In the end, Bob pulls himself together to win the Big Game, proving himself worthy of his father's name.


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