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Makeup Brushes
Make-up brushes

A makeup brush is a tool with bristles, used for the application of make up or face painting. The bristles could be made out of natural or synthetic materials, while the handle is usually made out of plastic or wood. When cosmetics are applied using the appropriate brush they blend better into the skin.

There is a large variety of shapes and sizes of make up brushes, depending on the face area where make up will be applied, the cosmetic product and the wanted result. For example, the shape of the brush tip can be chiseled, straight, angular, round, flat or tapered.

Types of makeup brushes (by area of application)[edit]


  • Foundation brush - long, flat bristles and tapered tip[1]
  • Powder brush - fluffy bristles; soft, full and rounded
  • Fan brush - similar to a fan painting brush, used for light touches
  • Blush brush - fine bristles and rounded head
  • Concealer brush - soft and flat with a pointed tip and a wide base
  • Kabuki brush brush - very thick and rounded with a short handle
  • Duo fiber multipurpose brush - flat, circular and feathery head
  • Mineral powder brush - thick and rounded
  • Face Contour Brush - Slanted and rounded for cheekbones
  • Face Sponge - Varied Shape, Sponge Texture


  • basic eyeshadow brush
  • crease brush
  • lid brush
  • contour brush/blending brush
  • Angle eyeshadow brush - small, soft and rounded angled tip
  • Eyeliner brush - very thin and fine with soft bristles
  • Blending eyeshadow brush - long with a round head
  • Smudge brush - flat and soft
  • Mascara (usually comes with the mascara)
  • Eyebrow brush - long, thin with tougher bristles
  • Slanted Eyebrow Definer Brush - Stiff and Angeled
  • Spiral brush


  • Lipstick brush - fine, soft and tapered
  • Lip gloss brush (usually comes with the lip gloss)


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