Makhdoom Bilawal

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Makhdoom Bilawal Saint
Shrine of Makhdoom Bilawal shaheed.JPG
Tomb of makhdoom Bilawal Shaheed
Born 1451( 856 A.H.)
Sindh Pakistan
Died January 17, 1523 (30 Safar 929 A.H.)
Baghban (near the town of Dadu Sindh)
Venerated in Islam
Influenced Sayed haider of Sann
Tradition or genre

Makhdoom Bilawal Bin Jam Hassan Samo[1][2] (Sindhi: مخدوم بلاول بن جام حسن سمو‎), '(Born 1451 AD/ 856 AH Sindh) was a sufi saint, philosopher and poet from Sindh, Pakistan.He is also referred as Makhdum Bilal or Bilali Makhdum


Makhdoom Bilawal was ordered to be crushed alive in a seed grinder after the Battle of Talti for opposing the conquest of Sindh by Arguns on 30 Safar 929AH/1522 AD. [3]


He said poems in Persian and Sindhi languages.One of his Persian Quatrain reads as follows:

Surrender yourself to God
Lose your will into His
Self-assertion is blasphemy
Shun the Self and merge into Him[citation needed]

Shrine of Makhdum Bilawal[edit]

Shrine of Makhdum Bilawal

His shrine is at 'Baghban' near the town of Dadu Sindh, Pakistan. According article of Nadeem Wagan, the mosque at his tomb was constructed by one of his devotees Sardar Mahboob Khan Wagan (Chief Sardar of Wagan Tribe).


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