Makhmud Esambayev

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Makhmud Esambayev
Born July 15, 1924
Starye Atagi, Chechen Autonomous Oblast, Soviet Union
Died January 7, 2000 (aged 75)
Awards Orden of Friendship.png (1994)

Makhmud Alisultanovich Esambayev (Chechen: Махмуд Алисултанович Эсамбаев) (July 15, 1924 - January 7, 2000) was a Chechen actor and dancer. Makhmud was regarded as one of the most famous dancers of the Soviet Union.[1]


Makhmud was born in Starye Atagi, Chechnya, to Chechen parents. As a child, his father would take him to village weddings where he would perform dances. At the age of fifteen, Makhmud joined the Chechen-Ingush Song and Dance Company, and at nineteen, he joined the operetta theater of Pyatigorsk, where he would give concerts to Red Army troops fighting in the Second World War. The next year, Makhmud joined the Kyrgyz theater of opera and ballet as a soloist, where he played the lead role in productions of Swan Lake (playing the part of Von Rothbart), The Fountain of Bakhchisarai and The Sleeping Beauty.[2]

Makhmud was elected more than once to the Supreme Soviet of the Chechen-Ingush ASSR, the Russian SFSR, and the Soviet Union.[1]

Makhmud was known for always wearing his papakha hat, calling it "my crown" and not even removing it when meeting with a head of state. His papakha made an unparalleled and very conspicuous presence on the floor of the Soviet legislature. On noticing it, the Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev would murmur that "Makhmud is here, it's time to call the session open."[citation needed]

Makhmud died of natural causes on January 7, 2000.

He was a recipient of the Hero of Socialist Labour and People's Artist of the Soviet Union awards.

Honours and awards[edit]

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The former "Central street" in Starye Atagi was renamed after Esambayev in 2011.[2]


  • I Will Dance (1963)
  • Swan Lake (1968)
  • The Sannikov Land (1973)
  • At the World's Limit International (1974)
  • Upright Magic (1975)
  • Rip (1994)


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