Maki-do Cave

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Maki-do (満奇洞) is one of three limestone caves located in Niimi, Okayama Prefecture, Japan. Named Dream Palace, the cave is 450 metres long, with a small, underground lake at the furthest end.[1][2]



The immediate area is only accessible by car or bus, with a short but steep climb to the entrance. It is 30 minutes from the 313 National Highway. Buses leave from JR Ikura Station and take 38 minutes.

Entrance Times & Fees[edit]

The cave is open for inspection from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm, with admissions closing at 4:30 pm. The entrance fee for adults and high school students is 1000 yen, for junior high students 800 yen, and for younger children 500 yen.


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Coordinates: 34°58′18.22″N 133°35′0.39″E / 34.9717278°N 133.5834417°E / 34.9717278; 133.5834417