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Makiko Kinoshita (木下 牧子, Kinoshita Makiko, born 1956) is a Japanese composer. She was born in Tokyo, and studied composition at Tokyo University of the Arts.[1][2]

Honors and awards[edit]

  • First prize, Music Competition of Japan
  • Outstanding Composition Award, Japan Symphony Foundation
  • Mitsubishi Trust Art and Cultural Foundation award (2003)


Kinoshita is known in Japan for choral music, but writes for orchestra and chamber ensemble, and instruments, as well. Selected works include:

  • Koten for orchestra
  • Fantasy, for orchestra
  • Aura, for Orchestra
  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Opera)
  • Abyss of Night (for orchestra)
  • Sinfonietta (for Strings)
  • Gothic (for wind band)
  • Rain (for mandolin orchestra)
  • Percussion Concerto (for Percussion solo & percussion ensemble)
  • The Trembling Moon (for Percussion ensemble)
  • Twisting Landscapes (for Clarinet, Violin and Piano)
  • A Circuit of Dreams (for Piano)
  • Jashumon-Hikyoku (for mixed voices and orchestra)
  • Blue (for female voices and percussion)
  • Nirvana (vocal & piano)
  • Circuit of Dream (piano suite)[3]

Her music has been recorded and issued on CD, including:

  • The Trembling Moon, (chamber music / ALM Records)
  • Jashumon-Hikyoku (chorus and orchestra / Fontec)
  • Blessing (chorus without accompaniment / Japan Traditional Cultures Foundation)
  • Tsuyoshi Mihara Sings Makiko Kinoshita (lied album / Fontec)


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