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Makindye Prison was a Uganda Government state-run prison which became notorious as a hell hole for extrajudicial killings and execution of government opponents during the time of Ugandan dictator, Idi Amin.

Makindye Prison started and was built as a normal civilian prison. But it was turned into a military prison in 1971 when dictator Idi Amin came into power. Amin's authorities then started detaining opponents of the government there.

John Kakonge, Uganda’s former Minister of Agriculture under Milton Obote, was taken to Makindye Prison where his skull was crushed by a hammer.[1] Prisoners were told that by doing so, they would be spared. In turn, each prisoner was given a hammer to do as the previous one had done believing the same. A second report stated that prisoners were formed in a line and bludgeoned the person in front while waiting from a blow from behind.[2]

Bob Astles was imprisoned for seventeen weeks in the prison during 1972.[3]

The prison is still located on Makindye, one of the suburbs of Kampala city in Uganda.


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