Making Enemies Is Good

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Making Enemies Is Good
BackyardB Enemies.jpg
Studio album by Backyard Babies
Released 2001
Recorded Great Linford Manor, Milton Keynes, UK;
Megaphon Studios, Stockholm, Sweden;
MVG Studios, Stockholm;
AKM Studio, Vaxholm, Sweden.
Genre Hard rock/Punk rock
Length 42:11
Producer Thomas Skogsberg & Backyard Babies
Backyard Babies chronology
Total 13
(1998)Total 131998
Making Enemies Is Good
Stockholm Syndrome
(2003)Stockholm Syndrome2003
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]
Metal Rules 5/5 stars[2]

Making Enemies Is Good is an album by Backyard Babies, released in 2001. A number of tracks were co-written by Ginger of The Wildhearts. The album contains big hits such as "The Clash" and "Brand New Hate". The album was produced by the famous producer Thomas Skogsberg. Skogsberg also plays a keyboard solo in the song "Colours".

Track listing[edit]

All songs by Backyard Babies, except where noted.

  1. "I Love to Roll" - 2:04
  2. "Payback" - 3:03
  3. "Brand New Hate" - 3:01 (Backyard Babies, Ginger)
  4. "Colours" - 4:49
  5. "Star War" - 3:06
  6. "The Clash" - 3:06 (Backyard Babies, Thomander, Wikström)
  7. "My Demonic Side" - 3:36
  8. "The Kids Are Right" - 2:57
  9. "Ex-Files" - 3:36
  10. "Heaven 2.9" - 2:50
  11. "Too Tough to Make Some Friends" - 2:17
  12. "Painkiller" - 5:33 (Backyard Babies, Tyla)
  13. "Bigger W/A Trigger" - 2:06


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