Making Out (book series)

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For the British television show, see Making Out (TV series).
Making Out
Author K.A. Applegate, Michael Grant
Country United States
Language English
Genre Young adult fiction
Media type Print (hardcover and paperback)

Making Out is a series of young adult novels by authors K. A. Applegate and Michael Grant.[1] The series was formerly known as "Boyfriends/Girlfriends" and the first eight books were republished in 2015 as The Islanders.[2] The books were based on the lives of teenagers living on an island called Chatham Island off the coast of Maine. The main characters were Zoey Passmore and her brother Benjamin, Claire Geiger and her sister Nina, Jake McRoyan, Lucas Cabral, and Aisha Gray. Later in the series, new characters were introduced.

The books dealt with several difficult topics (such as the death of a parent, molestation, divorce, disability, drugs, and alcohol) and followed the effect of these issues on the character's lives.

The books followed the group of teenagers from their senior year in high school to life in college.

List of books[edit]

There are 28 books in the whole series, but only the first eight books were written by Katherine Applegate. Books #9-28 were ghostwritten.[3]

  1. Zoey Fools Around
  2. Jake Finds Out
  3. Nina Won't Tell
  4. Ben's In Love
  5. Claire Gets Caught
  6. What Zoey Saw
  7. Lucas Gets Hurt
  8. Aisha Goes Wild
  9. Zoey Plays Games
  10. Nina Shapes Up
  11. Ben Takes a Chance
  12. Claire Can't Lose
  13. Don't Tell Zoey
  14. Aaron Lets Go
  15. Who Loves Kate?
  16. Lara Gets Even
  17. Two-Timing Aisha
  18. Zoey Speaks Out
  19. Kate Finds Love
  20. Never Trust Lara
  21. Trouble with Aaron
  22. Always Loving Zoey
  23. Lara Gets Lucky
  24. Now Zoey's Alone
  25. Don't Forget Lara
  26. Zoey's Broken Heart
  27. Falling for Claire
  28. Zoey Comes Home