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Makkal TV
Makkal TV Logo.jpg
Launched 6 September 2006
Owned by Makkal Tholai Thodarpu Kuzhumam Ltd
Country India
Language Tamil
Headquarters Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India,
INSAT-4B 93.5° East 11150 MHz Vertical
INSAT-2E 83° East 3845 MHz Vertical
Astro (MEASAT 3 91.5° East) 10982 MHz Vertical
Channel 203
NJOI (MEASAT 3 91.5° East)
Channel 203
10982 MHz Vertical
Hypp TV (Malaysia) Channel 304

Makkal TV is a Tamil language TV channel. It was launched on 6 September 2006[1][2] and is promoted by Makkal Tholai Thodarpu Kuzhumam.[3] Pattali Makkal Katchi leader Ramadoss is the founder of TV, Venu Sanjeevi is the Managing Director and T.Bhuvaneswari is the Vice President and Administrator of the Channel .[4]


Elakkiya pithan Pattimandram telecast in makkal TV in special function days[5]


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