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Makkvatnet  (Norwegian)
Suoksavuomjávrre  (Lule Sami)
Makkvatnet is located in Nordland
Location of the lake
Makkvatnet is located in Norway
Makkvatnet (Norway)
LocationSteigen and Hamarøy, Nordland
Coordinates67°50′20″N 15°49′30″E / 67.8390°N 15.8250°E / 67.8390; 15.8250Coordinates: 67°50′20″N 15°49′30″E / 67.8390°N 15.8250°E / 67.8390; 15.8250
Basin countriesNorway
Max. length2.8 kilometres (1.7 mi)
Max. width1.6 kilometres (0.99 mi)
Surface area3.02 km2 (1.17 sq mi)
Shore length19.35 kilometres (5.81 mi)
Surface elevation117 metres (384 ft)
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Makkvatnet (Norwegian) or Suoksavuomjávrre (Lule Sami) is a lake that lies on the border of the municipalities of Steigen and Hamarøy in Nordland county, Norway. The 3.02-square-kilometre (1.17 sq mi) lake lies about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) west of the European route E6 highway in Hamarøy.[1]

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