Maklan, Yemen

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Maklan, Yemen is a small village in the central highlands of Yemen. There is an airstrip which is the only access expect for a small dirt road. The main and possibly the only religion is Muslim. The city has a one classroom school run by the mosque. Maklan has a police station [1] but no official fire station. The city is split into a southern and northern half with farmland dividing them.

Maklan, Yemen
Population: 500 (estimate)
Location: Latitude: 13° 49' 60 N, Longitude: 44° 53' 60 E
Religion: Muslim
Calling code: 967
Currency: Yemeni rial (YER)
Official language: Arabic
Government: Republic
Time zone:(UTC+3)
Internet TLD: Yes
Drives on the: right
Cell phone reception: No
Electricity: Yes (coal)
Phone service: Yes
Plumbing: No
Essential services: No (only police)
Tourism: No, you won't be turned away but you must follow there culture and tradition.

Coordinates: 13°50′N 44°54′E / 13.833°N 44.900°E / 13.833; 44.900