Makna, Saudi Arabia

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Tabuk region

Makna also known as Magna is a town in Tabuk provence of Saudi Arabia. Located at 28° 23' 51"N and 34° 44' 59"E. it is on the coast of Gulf of Aqaba southwest of Al-Bad', Saudi Arabia. It lies on the border of the Hejaz region, and was in antiquity in Southern Midian. The Red Sea near Makna hold pristine Coral reefs and is renowned as a scuba dive site.

Local tradition holds that "Bir al Saidni" located in Makna, is the well from which Moses rolled away the stone to draw water for the flocks of Jethro's daughters. A Jewish community at was known here from at least the 9th century.


Coordinates: 28°24′N 34°45′E / 28.400°N 34.750°E / 28.400; 34.750